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Minutes of the General Meeting of maranoa Regional Council held at Roma Administration Centre on 10 August 2011 commencing at 9.00AM




Mayor Cr. R S Loughnan chaired the meeting Cr. J P Bartels, Cr. J L Chambers, Cr. R J Denton, Cr. M L Price, Cr. W S Wason, Cr J S Watson, Chief Executive Officer – Paul Bawden, Director Community Services – Tony Klein, Acting Director Operations – Stephen Mow, Director Corporate Services – Matthew McGoldrick, Corporate Communications Officer – Jane Frith, Coordinator Executive Services – Kelly Rogers and Lauren Fraser Minutes Officer in attendance.




Brett Smith representing FK Gardener.




The Mayor welcomed all present and declared the meeting open at 9.04am.




Resolution No. GM.289.11

Moved Cr Wason                                                          Seconded Cr Price


That apologies be received and leave of absence granted for Cr. Hartley and Cr. Newman for this meeting.


CARRIED                                                                                                                      7/0


Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution No. GM.290.11

Moved Cr Denton                                                          Seconded Cr Wason  


That the minutes of the General Meeting (13-27.07.11) held on 27 July 2011 as amended be confirmed.


CARRIED                                                                                                                      7/0


Cr. Denton requested that the following discussion notes originally stating:

Councillors Price & Denton enquired on the most suitable method of curbing application for laying at the Wallumbilla, Injune & Roma Lawn Cemetery.

This reference is found on page 13 of the minutes and refers to item 15.2.


Be amended to state:

Councillors Price & Denton requested that the application of concrete plinths at the Wallumbilla Cemetery be completed as per Injune and Roma.


Business Arising FROM MiNUTES


There was no business arising from the minutes.


On the Table


There were no items for discussion on the table.


Presentations/Petitions and Deputations


Brett Smith representing FK Gardner.


Consideration of notices of business


There were no notices of business for consideration.


Consideration of notices of motion


There were no notices of motion for consideration.


Reception of notices of motion for next meeting


No notices of motion were received for the next meeting.




Community Services


Item Number:                                   11.1

File Number: D11/20776

Subject Heading:                          20th Annual WORK Program Conference

Location:                                          Mitchell

Applicant:                                         N/A

Author and Officer’s Title:                Jane Fenton, Community Development Coordinator - Mitchell


Executive Summary: 

Maranoa Regional Council Staff and members of the community who are representatives of the CAC have been invited to attend the Annual WORK Conference which will be held in Warwick from August 31 – September 2, 2011.


Resolution No. GM.291.11

Moved Cr Price                                                             Seconded Cr Denton  

That Council meet the travel and accommodation costs for a community representative of the CAC to attend the Annual WORK Conference;




That guidelines are prepared for CAC delegate attendance at future WORK conferences and that Council review the guidelines prior to finalisation. 


CARRIED                                                                                                                      7/0


Delegated Officer

Community Development Coordinator - Mitchell


Status Reports




Item Number:                                   18.1

File Number: D11/21367

Subject Heading:                          Operations Directorate Status Report

Author and Officer’s Title:                Stephen Mow, Acting Director Operations

Month & Year of Report:                   August 2011

Name of Department:                       Operations



Executive Summary: 

This provides an overview and current status of the Operations Directorate.


Resolution No. GM.292.11

Moved Cr Watson                                                         Seconded Cr Bartels  

That Council receive and note the Officer’s report as presented.


CARRIED                                                                                                                      7/0


Subject Heading:  suspension of standing orders

Council adjourned the meeting at 9.21am


Subject Heading:  resumption of standing orders

Council resumed the meeting at 10.01am


In accord with the provisions of section 72 of the Local Government (Operations) Regulation 2010, Council resolved to close the meeting to discuss items it has deemed to be of a confidential nature and specifically pertaining to the following sections:-

          (e)      contracts proposed to be made by it;

          (h)      other business for which a public discussion would be likely to prejudice the interests of the local government or someone else, or enable a person to gain a financial advantage;


Resolution No. GM.293.11

Moved Cr Denton                                                          Seconded Cr Watson


That Council close the meeting to the public.


CARRIED                                                                                                                      7/0


Cr. Bartels left the chambers at 10.27am.


Cr. Bartels returned to the chambers at 10.30am.


Resolution No. GM.294.11

Moved Cr Chambers                                                     Seconded Cr Watson


That Council open the meeting to the public.


CARRIED                                                                                                                      7/0



Item Number:                                   20.1

File Number: D11/21926

Subject Heading:                          Lease of Injune Caravan Park

Author and Officer’s Title:                Tanya Mansfield, Manager Performance and Planning


Executive Summary: 

The Injune Caravan Park lessee’s are seeking Council’s consent to the assignment of the lease to another party.   


Resolution No. GM.295.11

Moved Cr Bartels                                                          Seconded Cr Price  

That Council does not proceed with providing consent to the assignment of the Injune Caravan Park lease until adequate information is provided regarding future development plans and protection of the existing tourist traffic.  


CARRIED                                                                                                                      7/0


Delegated Officer

Manager Performance and Planning



Item Number:                                   20.2

File Number: D11/21422

Subject Heading:                          Regional Community Newsletter

Author and Officer’s Title:                Jane Frith, Corporate Communications Officer


Executive Summary: 

Booringa Action Group (BAG) is currently Council’s appointed service provider for production and distribution of the Council funded Community Newsletter known as The Bottle Tree Bulletin.  This contract is due to expire on 5 September 2011, giving Council an opportunity to review current arrangements.


Resolution No. GM.296.11

Moved Cr Chambers                                                     Seconded Cr Watson  

That Council continue to produce a publication that contains Council information  and community contributed information, issued on a monthly basis;




That officer’s request quotations for production and distribution of a 16, 20 and 24 page publication for Council’s further consideration.




That Booringa Action Group is given a three issue extension to the existing contract.


CARRIED                                                                                                                      5/2


Delegated Officer

Corporate Communications Officer




There being no further business, the Mayor thanked Council for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 11.54am.


These Minutes are to be confirmed at the next General Meeting of Council to be held on 24 August 2011, at Surat Administration Centre.




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