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Late Items



General Meeting


Wednesday 8 August 2012


Roma Administration Centre




Date: 6 August 2012



Mayor:                                                    Councillor R S Loughnan


Deputy Mayor:                                        Councillor W S Wason

Councillors:                                             Councillor J L Chambers

                                                              Councillor R J Denton

                                                              Councillor P J Flynn

                                                              Councillor W M Newman

                                                              Councillor C J O’Neil

                                                              Councillor M L Price

                                                              Councillor D J Schefe


Chief Executive Officer:                            Mr Michael Parker


Senior Management:                                Mr Tony Klein (Director Community Services)

                                                              Mr Matthew McGoldrick (Director Corporate Services)

                                                              Mr Barry Omundson (Director Infrastructure)

                                                              Mr Rob Hayward (Director Planning & Environment)


Officers:                                                  Ms Jane Frith (Corporate Communications Officer)


Please find attached agenda for the General Meeting to be held at the Roma Administration Centre on August 8, 2012 at 9.00am.

Michael Parker

ActingChief Executive Officer



Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  8 August 2012


Item       Subject



L            Late Items

L.1        Councillor attendance at upcoming conferences

Prepared by:      Kelly Rogers, Coordinator Executive Services

Attachment :       Conference Brochure - 116th 2012 LGAQ Annual Conference  

L            Confidential Items

L.1        Roma Urban Development Area - ULDA

              Classification:         Closed Access

Local Government (Operations) Regulation 2010 Section 72(h) other business for which a public discussion would be likely to prejudice the interests of the local government or someone else, or enable a person to gain a financial advantage.

L.2        Lease and Management of the Roma Recreation Centre - Tender for the Lease and Management

              Classification:         Closed Access

Local Government (Operations) Regulation 2010 Section 72(e) contracts proposed to be made by it.  




Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  8 August 2012

Officer Report

Meeting: General  8 August 2012

Date: 3 August 2012

Item Number: L.1

File Number: D12/23160


Subject Heading:                     Councillor attendance at upcoming conferences

Classification:                                  Open Access  

Name of Applicant:                         Not applicable

Location:                                           Various locations

Author & Officer’s Title:                 Kelly Rogers, Coordinator Executive Services



Executive Summary: 

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) advertises a number of events throughout the year across a range of topics relevant to local government.  Councillors  may wish consider attendance at a number of these conferences where considered to be of benefit. 



Officer’s Recommendation: 

That Council confirm and endorse the attendance of individual Councillors for upcoming conferences as listed:-


1.   International Economic Development Conference  17–20 September 2012 

2.   2012 Community Well Being Symposium 20-23 November 2012 – Cr.

3.   2012 Annual LGAQ Conference 22 – 25 October 2012



Body of Report:

The following information is provided for Council’s information in consideration of attendance at upcoming LGAQ advertised conferences:-


International Economic Development Conference – 17 – 20 September 2012 - Cairns

Hosted by Economic Development Australia and Economic Development Agencies of New Zealand, this conference is titled “Driving Economic Leadership in the Asian Century – Leveraging Local Prosperity and Wellbeing.”   The event focuses on international links for those nurturing local economies.


A post conference Masterclass will go through a step by step planning process and has been designed to help local governments in particular gain practical insights into leveraging genuine opportunities for their region.  A Best practice annual awards presentation will also at the event across 9 categories.


Councillors David Schefe and Joy Denton indicated an interest in attending this conference.


2012 Community Wellbeing Symposium – 20 – 23 November 2012 - Brisbane

Build capacity within your council to deliver policies and programs that enhance your

community engagement, community development and community wellbeing initiatives.

This event brings together industry leaders from local councils, State and Federal governments, private enterprise, and nongovernment sector and peak bodies.

Delegates will learn, participate and explore ways to improve and strengthen local community wellbeing practices.

The Symposium is being coordinated by members of LGAQ’s Social Wellbeing Knowledge Group and will cover key practice areas within local councils including Arts, Culture and Creativity; Community Engagement, Community Development and Community Recovery;

Healthy Communities and Healthy Workplaces & Workers; Multicultural communities; and Youth Development.


Cr. Price indicated an interest to attend this conference. 


2012 Annual Conference – 22 – 25 October 2012 – South Brisbane

Event Sponsorship & Trade Opportunity: 2012 Annual Conference 'Making a Difference.  Full details included as an attachment. 


Historically a number of Councillors attend the annual event, this year Councillors’ Robert Loughnan, Cameron O’Neil, Jan Chambers & Peter Flynn have indicated their interest to attend.


It is requested that Council confirm and endorse attendance at upcoming conferences.

Consultation (internal/external):

Chief Executive Officer

Councillors of Maranoa Regional Council

Risk Assessment (Legal, Financial, Political etc.):

Councillor determination of attendance based on value or benefit of conference material and value for money.

Policy Implications:

Councillors Expenses and provision of facilities policy

Financial Resource Implications:

(Estimates based on cost per person)


International Economic Development Conference-

Registration approximately $1400 (dependant upon selection of segments)

Flights – approximate estimate $800

Accommodation & Meals – approximate estimate $700

Total approximate estimate - $2900


2012 Community Wellbeing Symposium –

Registration Costs – not yet officially posted – estimate provided $600

Flights/accommodation & meals - estimate of $1200

Total approximate estimate - $1800


2012 Annual Conference-

Registration Costs - estimate of $1460

Flights/accommodation/meals – estimate of $1680

Total approximate estimate - $3140



Link to Corporate Plan:

Corporate Plan 2009-2013 8.1.1(b) To structure Council’s governance functions in a manner so as to allow effective and efficient utilisation of elected members time and resources to the benefit of the constituents which Council serves.

Supporting Documentation:


Conference Brochure - 116th 2012 LGAQ Annual Conference





Attachment 1

Conference Brochure - 116th 2012 LGAQ Annual Conference