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General Meeting


Wednesday 13 February 2013


Roma Administration Centre




Date: 13 February 2013



Mayor:                                                    Councillor R S Loughnan


Deputy Mayor:                                        Councillor W S Wason

Councillors:                                             Councillor J L Chambers

                                                              Councillor R J Denton

                                                              Councillor P J Flynn

                                                              Councillor W M Newman

                                                              Councillor C J O’Neil

                                                              Councillor M L Price

                                                              Councillor D J Schefe


Chief Executive Officer:                            Ms Julie Reitano


Senior Management:                                Mr Tony Klein (Director Community & Commercial Services)

                                                              Mr Michael Parker ( Acting Director Infrastructure Services)

                                                              Mr Rob Hayward (Director Development & Environment Services)


Officers:                                                  Ms Jane Frith (Corporate Communications Officer)


Please find attached late agenda for the General Meeting to be held at the Roma Administration Centre on February 13, 2013 at 9.00am.

Julie Reitano

Chief Executive Officer


Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  13 February 2013


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L            Late Items

L.1        Roma Hospital request to seek Maranoa Regional Council support for an application 19(2) exemption............................................................................. 2

Prepared by:    Melissa Wathen, Manager- Social Development

Attachment :    19(2) Initiative, Roma Hospital - Request to sign MOU. 4   

Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  13 February 2013

Officer Report

Meeting: General  13 February 2013

Date: 12 February 2013

Item Number: L.1

File Number: D13/5866


Subject Heading:                     Roma Hospital request to seek Maranoa Regional Council support for an application 19(2) exemption.

Classification:                                  Open Access  

Name of Applicant:                         Roma Hospital

Location:                                           Roma

Author & Officer’s Title:                 Melissa Wathen, Manager- Social Development


Executive Summary: 

Roma Hospital are seeking support in an application for 19(2) exemption from Maranoa Regional Council as a relevant stakeholder group. The 19(2) exemption is a Commonwealth supported initiative which results in additional funding for primary health care services in rural and remote areas.



Officer’s Recommendation: 

That Council endorse the Mayor to sign the request for support for the application of exemption 19(2).



Body of Report:

At the 10th February 2006 meeting of COAG, Heads of all Australian Governments agreed on several practical initiatives as part of “Better Health for All Australians Action Plan” – one of these measures was “Improving Access to Primary Care in Rural and Remote Areas, ( also known as the COAG’s19(2) Exemptions Initiative).


States which have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Commonwealth for the COAG initiative “Improving Access to Primary Care Services in Rural and Remote Areas,” may bulk bill the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) for eligible persons requiring primary health care services who present to approved facilities.  The state may access funds through the MBS for eligible services rendered at an approved site. A co-payment can not be charged to the patient receiving these services.


The MOU clearly states the principles which underlay the development and operation of the MOU, and outline that all Australians should have equitable access to appropriate and quality health care throughout their lifespan and without regard to their place of residence within Australia.


In consultation with Sue Freiberg, Director of Nursing/Facility Manager Roma Hospital, this exemption would provide funding for the Hospital where the patient presents seeking treatment in Out Patients Department who would normally be seeking medical support from a GP.


The Initiative is not proposing to compete with Private Practice GP’s who are already at capacity in Rural and Remote areas, but to subsidise the existing services the local Hospital is providing, with the additional funds able to support increased Primary Health Care Services.


Consultation (internal/external):

Sue Freiberg – Director of Nursing/ Facility Manger, Roma Hospital

Tony Klein – Director Community and Commercial Services

Risk Assessment (Legal, Financial, Political etc.):


Policy Implications:


Financial Resource Implications:



Link to Corporate Plan:

Corporate Plan 2009-2013 8.4.7(c) To provide an advocacy role for the provision of health services and facilities as required so as to address the needs of residents in the region.

Supporting Documentation:


19(2) Initiative, Roma Hospital - Request to sign MOU



Report authorised by:

Tony Klein, Director - Community & Commercial Services

Attachment 1

19(2) Initiative, Roma Hospital - Request to sign MOU