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General Meeting


Wednesday 23 October 2013


Roma Administration Centre




Date: 18 October 2013


Mayor:                                                    Councillor R S Loughnan


Deputy Mayor:                                        Councillor W S Wason

Councillors:                                             Councillor J L Chambers

                                                              Councillor R J Denton

                                                              Councillor P J Flynn

                                                              Councillor W M Newman

                                                              Councillor C J O’Neil

                                                              Councillor M L Price

                                                              Councillor D J Schefe


Chief Executive Officer:                            Ms Julie Reitano


Senior Management:                                Mr Tony Klein (Director Community & Commercial Services)

                                                              Mr Michael Parker (Acting Director Infrastructure Services)

                                                              Mr Rob Hayward (Director Development, Facilities & Environmental Services)


Officers:                                                  Ms Jane Frith (Coordinator Corporate Communications)


Please find attached agenda for the General Meeting to be held at the Roma Administration Centre on October 23, 2013 at 9.00am.

Julie Reitano

Chief Executive Officer


Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  23 October 2013


Item       Subject





10.3       Council Initiated Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

              Attachment :            Confirmed Airport Advisory Committee Minutes - 04.09.13.................. 3


11.1       Maranoa Early Learning Centre

              Attachment 1:         Surat Community Consultation attendance sheet.............................. 10

              Attachment 2:         Surat Child Care Survey Template..................................................... 13


11.3       Santos GLNG Food and Fire Fest 2013 - Post Event Report

              Attachment 1:         The Santos GLNG Food and Fire Fest 2013 Official Program........... 15

              Attachment 2:         Final Budget for 2013 Santos GLNG Food & Fire Festival 2013 for Post Event Report.................................................................................................. 16


12.1       Property Access - Theresa Bolic

              Attachment 1:         Theresa Bolic - Road Access - Lot 21 on BWR320........................... 17

              Attachment 2:         Acknowledgement letter to Theresa Bolic Re Road Access to Lot 21 BWR320 Jackson-Wandoan Road.................................................................... 18

              Attachment 3:         T_Bolic_Map_Request for property access....................................... 19


12.2       Request for footpath - Surat Day Care, and public toilets at Surat Weir

              Attachment 1:         17.09.13 Cr. Request - Cr. Newman - Pam Ferguson - Various Matters      20

              Attachment 2:         Acknowledgement Letter to Pam Ferguson Re Footpath for Burrows St, Surat and Toilet Amenities for Surat Weir.................................................... 21


13.3       Application for Amalgamation of Land

              Attachment 1:         Application for Amalgamation of Lot 58 on DL356 & Lot 38 on DL361 23

              Attachment 2:         Mungallala area  Map........................................................................... 25

              Attachment 3:         More detailed Map - situational............................................................ 26



Attachment 1

Confirmed Airport Advisory Committee Minutes - 04.09.13



Meeting:                     Airport Advisory Committee Meeting

Date:                           Wednesday 4th September 2013

Chair:                          Cr. Joy Denton                       

Attendees:                 Cr. Joy Denton, Cr. Scott Wason, Ben Jones MRC – Manager Airports (Roma, Injune & Surat), Lyn Kajewski – Roma Tourism Association Inc, Keith Chandler, Greg Shaw, Rick Benham – Commerce Roma, Anthony Partridge – TransLink, Jenny Nobel – Roma Cabs


Apologies:                  Cameron O’Neil, Cr. David Schefe Michael Parker – Director – Infrastructure Services, Peter Flynn – Maranoa Travel Centre, Barry McCabe – Roma Aero Club, Christopher Kerr – Care Flight Group QLD, Vickie Beitz, Shane Brumby – MI Helicopters, Robert Lethbridge Jon Hamer – Qantas, Ian Rollinson, Scott Rodgers – Air BP, Meryl Brumpton – Flying Surgical & Flying Obstetric Service,  Adrian Harding – Europcar, Anthony McDonald – Hertz Roma.


Minutes:                     Christina Tincknell


Meeting Opened:     6.00pm

Meeting Closed:       7.15pm


Next Meeting Details

Date:               2nd October 2013                   

Time:              6pm                

Location:        Maranoa Room, Roma Airport                       

Meeting Actions




Action by



Confirmation of Minutes

Amend unconfirmed minutes from 7th August 2013 to show information missing as noted by Lyn Kajewski.

Christina Tincknell



General Aviation Parking

Provide council with consultation information to address parking requirements for GA users

Ben Jones

By 2nd October 2013




Passenger Transport

Write to all gas industry companies utilising the airport to inform them of parking requirements at Roma Airport

Ben Jones

By 2nd October 2013




Passengers & Vehicles in the vicinity of the Aero Club

Ben to put forward to council the committees recommendation from resolution AP/09.2013/04

Ben Jones

Next council meeting availability




Discussion Notes:



Cr. Denton welcomed all present and declared the meeting open at 6.00pm.


Item 1              Apologies

Resolution AP/09.2013/01

Moved: Lyn Kajewski                   Seconded: Keith Chandler


That the apologies be received for this meeting.









Item 2              Confirmation of Minutes

Lyn Kajewski noted 2 corrections to be made from the minutes arising from the meeting held 7th August 2013. Item 4 General Aviation parking, omitted contacting Royal Flying Doctors Service in the consultation of additional parking. Item 9 General Business, omitted the time frame for Gary Schefe to seek expressions of interest from local business for retail outlets at the Airport Terminal.


Resolution AP/09.2013/02

Moved: Greg Shaw                        Seconded: Anthony Partridge

That the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting minutes of 7th August 2013 be confirmed, after the above mentioned changes are made to the minutes.












Business Arising from Minutes

Lyn Kajewski referred to the request for feedback from unsuccessful tender applicants for the kiosk at the terminal. Lyn advised that it is a council requirement to provide feedback to all tender applicants, regardless of being successful or unsuccessful.

Ben acknowledged that there was an issue with the notification of tender applicants for the kiosk, in that the applicants were not notified in a timely manner. Ben noted that all applicants have been advised of the outcome of their tender application.



Item 3              General Aviation Parking


Ben updated the committee on the progress of the consultation with GA business/users for additional parking required. After consultation with all businesses/users located in Hangar Drive, a total of 34 additional car park spaces. Ben advised that he will take this information to council for consideration and provide feedback at the next committee meeting.


Item 4              Airport Kiosk


Ben outlined the progress of the kiosk for the terminal. The contract has been signed and Nektar completed a site inspection on 26th August to complete measurements required for fit out. Nektar will commence fit out on 23rd September through to 3rd October. The kiosk will be operation by 10th October 2013. 


Item 5              Additional Check-In Counter & Terminal Seating


Council has approved the third check-in counter. In anticipation of this, Ben had already been in contact with Ansir Systems for quotation of the conveyor system required to fit into the existing system. The quote has been received and additional equipment has been ordered.


The old terminal seating was not placed in the terminal for use. Upon inspection of the seating it was found to be unsatisfactory as it was not safe. The new terminal seats have been ordered and the delivery date provided by the supplier is 16th September 2013.


Item 6              Council Reporting of Committee outcomes & meeting minutes


Cr. Denton advised the committee that the minutes from the committee meeting will now be provided to council for acceptance. This is a means of tracking timelines for actions arising from meetings.


Item 7              Computerised Check Bag System Breakdown


A fault with the Computerised Check Bag System (CBS) occurred on 28th August. The fault was the result of a power regulator failing. CBS unit was not operational because of this failure. Secondary screening measures were implemented during this period. There was minimal impact to passengers during this period. Some flights were a few minutes behind schedule, but the majority still ran on time. The technician from Smith’s Detection arrived on 29th August to repair the fault and the unit was operational again by 1pm on 29th August.



The committee discussed the cause of the failure and preventative measures. Ben outlined the steps currently being taken to identify the cause and what will be implemented to prevent this in future.


Item 8              Passenger Transport (topic requested by Tony Partridge)


Tony Partridge outlined to the committee the interest of improving passenger transport to and from the airport from town. Particularly the development of shelters for passengers at taxi and bus waiting areas. Translink are able to fully fund the development of these shelters, and only require plans for the car park development so as to locate the shelter in appropriate areas. Anthony will complete a site inspection with Ben to move forward with this development in line with the current car park development plans.


Jenny Nobel of Roma Cabs was present to discuss the current difficulties taxis are having being able to pick up and drop off passengers close to the terminal. As the busses are currently parking along the front of the terminal and along the entrance road to the terminal, the taxis are unable to get in close to the terminal for passenger pick up and drop off. Jenny requested the taxis be permitted to park in the cemented area of the baggage collection area.



The committee discussed the proposal and were concerned about passenger safety if the taxis were to park in this area. As this area is the baggage collection area, there is a high volume of passenger movement. With the approval of the terminal development, this vicinity will not be available as the terminal will encroach on this area and the remaining section will become an airside area. New developments in the car park will also cater for buses that are parking taxis out of prime passengers pick up/drop off areas.


The committee discussed the need to monitor the buses closely to ensure that in the interim, they are not parking along the front of the terminal and in the taxi bays. The committee agreed that written correspondence needed to be sent to companies so that they are aware they are not permitted to park in this area. Anthony Partridge advised that he could provide a letter the Ben that outlines the regulations and penalties of parking in this area, along with the list of fines. If necessary, infringement notices can be issued.

Resolution AP/09.2013/03

Moved: Greg Shaw                        Seconded: Lyn Kajewski

That Airport Management provide written correspondence to gas industry companies to advise on the parking expectations of the Roma Airport.

CARRIED                                                                                                                  8/8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      








Item 9              Passengers & Vehicles in the vicinity of the Aero Club (topic requested by Shane Brumby) 


Ben updated the committee on the issues being encountered with FIFO passengers waiting in the GA area. Passengers have been obstructing traffic by standing on the roads, leaving rubbish on the ground in the general area and urinating on the back of the Aero Club building. Ben out the item to the committee for discussion of possible avenues to prevent this from occurring.



The committee discussed the need for adequate signage to direct passengers for amenities. The current lack of signage could be a contributing factor to the issue. Greg Shaw advised the committee that the Aero Club are discussing the construction of a deck with a sheltered area at the Aero Club for use by passengers waiting in this area. The addition of this area would encourage passengers to wait for flights on the deck rather that on the road, as is currently happening. The only other solution would be to close off GA access and push passengers up to gate 3.

Greg Shaw advised that a previous suggestion was to have a pathway run between the Aero Club and the old terminal building and for passengers to use the old terminal building as a waiting lounge. As the building is currently in use the committee discussed alternative to this option.


Resolution AP/09.2013/04

Moved: Greg Shaw                        Seconded: Keith Chandler

That a path be constructed from the landside area of gate 4 located at the Aero Club and run south along the fence to the current Administration Office shelter. Improve the signage for location of amenities in the Administration Office area. 










Item 10            General Business

The committee discussed the following items

·     Expressions of Interest for retail outlets at the terminal. The following three retailers showed interested in a retail space

MTC Traders

Roma News

Coomber Bros Jewellers

·     Mitchell Airport – Ben advised that he was still awaiting responses from contractors

·     Injune Airport – Work will commence on 15th September, the airport will be fully operation by 20th September 2013 to aircraft under 5,700kg.

·     Airport Master plan – The master plan has been approved by council. Currently waiting on the detailed design to be completed, once this has been received it will be brought to the committee.  A contribution has been made by Origin and Santos has promised a contribution as well. Discussed expected timeframes for the terminal development.

·     Additional stands have been placed around the terminal for tourism brochures.




...............................................                                                       ...............................................                                                      

Chair                                                                                             Date


Attachment 1

Surat Community Consultation attendance sheet


Attachment 2

Surat Child Care Survey Template


Attachment 1

The Santos GLNG Food and Fire Fest 2013 Official Program


Attachment 2

Final Budget for 2013 Santos GLNG Food & Fire Festival 2013 for Post Event Report



As at the 15 October 2013, outstanding invoices are yet to be received from contactors and service providers.


The budget to date:






$34 000

Actual costs to date


Grants and subsidies

$  9 729

Outstanding Costs


Stall holders

$  2 500




$46 229




The final financial position for the event is (-) $40,528 (ex GST). This amount represents the total contribution from the Maranoa Regional Council.


Breakdown of Expenditure costs to date:

Expenditure type


Event set-up

$  7 632.19


$10 218.58

Materials, Supplies & Consumables

$11 978.39

Entertainment (including Travel & Accom.)

$28 477.00

Catering & Function

$  2 871.61

Clean up (inc. Operations costs)

$12 824.16


$  2 395.14


$     360.53


$76 757.60



Attachment 1

Theresa Bolic - Road Access - Lot 21 on BWR320


From:Theresa Bolic[]

To:Maranoa Regional Council[]


Received-Time:4:55:23 AM


Sent-Time:4:56:55 AM

Subject:Road Access


For attention of Julian McEwan


Hi Julian,


I wish to enquire about access to my block of land. I own L21 BWR320: PAR TCHANNING. At the moment access to this land is through my brother's property.


There is a council road that runs from the block to the Jackson Wandoan highway but it has not been used for many years.


I would like for this road to be graded to allow access to this block rather than through someone's property.


I can be contacted on 0428 592 152 or to my email in regards to this matter.


My home address is 1088 Stockroute Road, Walkerston QLD 4751


Please do not forward any correspondence to the address of Strathmore, Dulacca QLD 4425 where the rates notice currently goes.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Theresa Bolic



Attachment 2

Acknowledgement letter to Theresa Bolic Re Road Access to Lot 21 BWR320 Jackson-Wandoan Road


Our Ref: D13/23624; D13/45741


Enquiries: Clara Aitken

Phone: 4624 0712 (Direct) or

             1300 007 662 (via Customer Service)

Office: Infrastructure Services



1 October 2013



Theresa Bolic

1088 Stockroute Road




Dear Theresa


Re: Road Access to Lot 21 BWR320 - Jackson-Wandoan Road


Thank you for your correspondence to Council’s Manager – Roads & Drainage North, Mr Julian McEwan received on 4 June 2013, in which you request that Council provide access to the land parcel of Lot 21 on Plan BWR320 off Jackson-Wandoan Road.


As discussed, a report will now go to the Council meeting of 23 October 2013 for resolution. I will advise you of the outcome within five (5) working days of the meeting.


Please do not hesitate to contact Clara Aitken of my office on (07) 4624 0712, or by email –, if you have any further questions or concerns with progression of this matter.


Yours faithfully





Kym Downey

Manager – Infrastructure Planning & Design

Attachment 3

T_Bolic_Map_Request for property access


Attachment 1

17.09.13 Cr. Request - Cr. Newman - Pam Ferguson - Various Matters


Attachment 2

Acknowledgement Letter to Pam Ferguson Re Footpath for Burrows St, Surat and Toilet Amenities for Surat Weir


Our Ref: D13/45252; D13/46600


Enquiries: Clara Aitken

Phone: 4624 0712 (Direct) or

             1300 007 662 (via Customer Service)

Office: Infrastructure Services



4 October 2013



Pam Ferguson


C/- Surat Aboriginal Corporation

42 William Street

SURAT  QLD  4417



Dear Pam

Re: Councillor Customer Feedback Form Re: Requests


Thank you for your customer feedback form addressed to Councillor Cameron O’Neil dated 17th September 2013, outlining your requests for Council to provide:


·     A footpath along Burrowes Street outside the Surat Day Care;

·     Toilet amenities at the Surat Weir, and;

·     Road maintenance along a section of Maranoa Road outside the “Newington” property main entrance.


I have undertaken an initial review of your requestss and have allocated the matters of a footpath along Burrowes Street and the provision of toilet amenities at the Surat Weir to Kylie Fleischfresser (Coordinator Infrastructure Planning) for further investigation. Following this investigation, a report will go to the Council meeting of 23 October 2013 for resolution.


I have referred your request for the maintenance of Maranoa Road to John Gwydir (Manager – Roads & Drainage South), who will respond under separate cover.


Again, thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of Councillor O’Neil; I will continue to keep Councillor O’Neil informed as these matters progress.


Please do not hesitate to contact Clara Aitken of my office on (07) 4624 0712, or by email – if you have any further questions or concerns with progression of your requests.



Yours faithfully





Kym Downey

Manager – Infrastructure Planning & Design


Attachment 1

Application for Amalgamation of Lot 58 on DL356 & Lot 38 on DL361


Attachment 2

Mungallala area  Map


Attachment 3

More detailed Map - situational