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General Meeting


Wednesday 26 March 2014


Roma Administration Centre




Date: 21 March 2014


Mayor:                                                   Councillor R S Loughnan


Deputy Mayor:                                        Councillor W S Wason

Councillors:                                            Councillor J L Chambers

                                                              Councillor R J Denton

                                                              Councillor P J Flynn

                                                              Councillor W M Newman

                                                              Councillor C J O’Neil

                                                              Councillor M L Price

                                                              Councillor D J Schefe


Chief Executive Officer:                          Ms Julie Reitano


Senior Management:                               Mr Cameron Castles (Director Infrastructure Services)

                                                              Mr Rob Hayward (Director Development, Facilities & Environmental Services)

                                                              Ms Sharon Frank (Director Corporate, Community & Commercial Services)


Officers:                                                 Ms Jane Frith (Coordinator Corporate Communications)


Please find attached agenda for the General Meeting to be held at the Roma Administration Centre on March 26, 2014 at 9.00am.

Julie Reitano

Chief Executive Officer


Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  26 March 2014


Item       Subject





11.1       Council Initiated Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

              Attachment 1:        Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee Meeting - Confirmed Minutes 28/11/13............................................................................................................... 3

              Attachment 2:        Airport Advisory Committee Meeting - Confirmed Minutes 04/12/14.. 7

              Attachment 3:        Bassett Park Advisory Committee - Confirmed Minutes 03/09/13 .......                      11

              Attachment 4:        Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee - Confirmed Meeting Minutes 27/02/14............................................................................................................. 13 


13.1       Wall of Fame inductees for consideration

              Attachment 1:        Wall of Fame_Criteria......................................................................... 17

              Attachment 2:        Erica MacMillan_Nomination Form.................................................... 18

              Attachment 3:        Molly Ferguson_Nomination Form..................................................... 22


13.2       Material Change of Use - "Storage Facility" (2013/18748)

              Attachment 1:        Body Of Report................................................................................... 25

              Attachment 2:        Development Plans............................................................................. 38


13.3    Commerce Roma - Proposal for Sponsorship of Maranoa Business Awards

              Attachment :           Commerce Roma - Proposal for Sponsorship of the Maranoa Business Awards - 19 March 2014.................................................................................... 46


Attachment 1

Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee Meeting - Confirmed Minutes 28/11/13


Attachment 2

Airport Advisory Committee Meeting - Confirmed Minutes 04/12/14



Meeting:                                 Airports Advisory Committee Meeting

Date:                                       Wednesday 4 December 2013

Chair:                                     Cr. Joy Denton                       

Attendees:                             Cr. Joy Denton, Cr. David Schefe,  Ben Jones MRC – Manager Airports (Roma, Injune & Surat), Barry McCabe – Roma Aero Club, Greg Shaw, Lyn Kajewski – Roma Tourism Association Inc, Keith Chandler, Peter Flynn – Maranoa Travel Centre,


Apologies:                             Cr. Cameron O’Neil, Adrian Harding – Europcar, Gary Schefe – Commerce Roma, Robert Lethbridge, Anthony Partridge – TransLink, Anthony McDonald – Hertz Roma, Christopher Kerr – Care Flight Group QLD, Shane Brumby – MI Helicopters, Scott Rodgers – Air BP, Vicki Beitz, Ian Rollinson, Jon Hamer - Qantas


Minutes:                                 Christina Tincknell


Meeting Opened:                                                                                                                       6.20pm

Meeting Closed:                   7.10pm


Next Meeting Details

Date:                       5 February 2014                    

Time:                      6pm        

Location:               Council Chambers, Bungil Street           

Meeting Actions




Action by


Item 2

Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising

Report back to the committee regarding the meeting with Nektar Hospitality

Ben Jones

5 February 2014

Consult with the CEO regarding RFDS being charged landing fees at Council airports

Ben Jones

5 February 2014

Item 8

General Business

Update the committee on the opening of the third check-in counter

Ben Jones

5 February 2014

Consult with the CEO regarding the passenger tax being applied to charter aircraft utilising Injune Airport

Ben Jones

5 February 2014


Discussion Notes:



Cr. Denton welcomed all present and declared the meeting open at 6.20pm


Item 1                     Apologies

The following apologies were noted at the commencement of the meeting;

·      Cr. Cameron O’Neil

·      Vicki Beitz

·      Ian Rollinson

·      Jon Hamer - Qantas


Item 2                     Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising

Resolution:           AP/12.2013/07

Moved:                   Barry McCabe                       

Seconded:             Lyn Kajewski

That the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting minutes of 4 November 2013 be confirmed.











The committee requested Ben Jones to provide an update on any items outstanding from the previous meeting.

·      There is no new information to report regarding the request to Telstra for any future upgrade plans for mobile towers in the vicinity of the Roma Airport.

·      Both Mitchell and Surat Airports have been included in the schedule to have the runways rolled. Injune has not been included at this stage, the runway is being monitored to see if this will be required or not due to the increased use of the runway.

·      There was a slight depression located on bay 2 of the apron. Ben consulted with Council’s Road team and was advised that crack sealant would be needed to prevent further moisture getting into the existing cracks on the apron. This has been completed and the apron is being monitored.

·      The tension barriers and signage have been organised for the licensed area of the terminal. 

The committee discussed the liquor licensing requirements and RSA at the airport to ensure there are no issues with intoxicated passengers. Ben advised that he is meeting with Nektar to discuss this. Ben will report back to the committee regarding his meeting with Nektar.

·      The modular components for the terminal construction will be investigated during the detailed design process. Ben will advise the committee once he has the information.

·      Repairs to the Mitchell Airport amenities are in progress, a builder has been to site to inspect the building. The quote received was approximately $50-60,000 in repairs. Ben and Michael Parker will visit Mitchell Airport with a building inspector to determine the best course of action for repairs to this building.

·      The cleaning of ash trays at the Roma Airport is being done daily.

·      Avdata currently is charging Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) landing fees and Council airports. The committee discussed the fees and charges and agree that RFDS should be exempt for emergency aircraft. Ben will consult with Julie Reitano and update the committee at the next meeting.

·      Ben has responded to the email request from Adrian Harding of Europcar.


Item 3                     Lightning Strike at Roma Airport

This item was covered in Business Arising from the previous meeting


Item4                      Repairs to Mitchell Airport Amenities

This item was covered in Business Arising from the previous meeting


Item 5                     Avdata Regarding RDFS landing charges

This item was covered in Business Arising from the previous meeting


Item 6                     Wellcamp Airport Open Day

Cr. Joy Denton discussed her attendance at the Wellcamp Airport Day in Toowoomba. The committee looked over the information sheets that Cr. Joy Denton obtained from the day. Information regarding this can be found at


Item 7                     Sale of raffle tickets to raise funds for Pinaroo

Greg Shaw requested the availability of a space to be allocated from time to time to allow for fundraising to go towards Pinaroo. This could include the selling of raffle tickets, or simply a donations container. The committee agreed that Ben Jones is the most suitable person to handle this request, but agreed that it was for a good local cause and supported the request.

Item 8                     General Business

Peter Flynn advised that he had received a letter of complaint from a Qantas pilot relating to aircraft being advised to enter a holding pattern and not being permitted to land because of insufficient bays available for aircraft parking at Roma Airport. Peter wanted to clarify the procedure and if this had occurred. Ben Jones advised that the normal procedure is; if there are insufficient bays for parking an aircraft will be requested to hold until such time as a bay becomes available. However, the way the flight schedule is worked, unless an aircraft arrives early/is delayed or a charter arrives without having made the request to Airport Management, there will not be any more than 4 aircraft scheduled into Roma at one time. To date, no aircraft has been requested to hold because of a scheduling error by either the airport operator or the ground handling agent.


Peter Flynn stated that he believes there are still issues with the screening point closing during the day. Passengers are not able to access the seating available in the screened area of the terminal or the kiosk. Ben Jones advised that he would follow up with Toll regarding this.


Peter Flynn advised the committee that the computer equipment for the third check in counter has arrived, but has not calibrated currently. Once this is completed this counter can be opened.

Ben Jones also updated the committee to advise that the conveyor system for the third check is on its way to Roma, and installation is to commence Tuesday 10 December. It was take a few days to install the system, but should be operational by the following week.


Cr. David Schefe asked if the passenger tax was being applied aircraft utilising the Injune Airport. Ben Jones advised that to date the only fee applicable was the weight based landing charge. The committee discussed applying the passenger tax to charter aircraft landing at Injune Airport. The camera system that Ben has been investigating could be used as a tool in the aid of applying the passenger tax. Ben advised that he would speak to Julie Reitano regarding this matter and report back to the committee.


The committee asked if there has been a drop in passenger numbers since the opening of the Miles airport. Ben Jones advised that there has been no drop in passenger numbers to date; October actually had the highest number of passengers to date with approximately 30,000 passenger movements. Peter Flynn advised that there has been some mention from charter companies that Council’s fees compared to Miles are much higher. The committee discussed this, but agreed that Council needs to recover this cost as the Roma Airport upgrade was not fully funded and was quiet a significant cost.


Lyn Kajewski suggested that Council should look to host a workshop for local businesses that aims to educate on how to complete a successful tender. Lyn thought this would be a good step for Council to support local business. The committee discussed where such expertise could be sought to provide this to the community, and the intricacy in providing a workshop that covered the various tender categories that Council require. The committee agreed a good starting point should be the requirement for all tenders to have a checklist attached to the tender application.  


Item 9                     Next Meeting and Close

The committee agreed to hold the next meeting on 5 February 2014 commencing 6pm and the Council Chambers.




...............................................                                                                                         .............................................

Chair                                                                                                                                               Date


Attachment 3

Bassett Park Advisory Committee - Confirmed Minutes 03/09/13



Meeting:                     Bassett Park Master Planning Advisory Committee Meeting

Date:                           3 September 2013

Chair:                         Cr. Cameron O’Neil               

Attendees:                 Cr. Cameron O’Neil, Cr. Peter Flynn, Robert Hayward, Lloyd Waldron, Emily Rogers, Carla Cosgrove, James McAuley.

Apologies                  David Jensen, Jim Schefe, Paul Robertson, Fay Robertson, Kathy Mitchell, John Ethell, Fiona Vincent, Greg Stewart, Dayle Little, Linda Arnold, Scott Alston, Jackie Erickson, Sussan Evans, Tina Hamilton, Loretta Thomas, Melanie Lindsay, Tony Klein, Alaistair Brown, Lorinda Otto, Cassandra Elder, Camille Johnson, Craig Smith, Cam Colley, Bill McLean, Kellie McLean, John Mulcahy, Amy Cheers, John Scott, Ron Ward, Ranald Ferrier, Jason Coonan, Cr. David Schefe.


Minutes:                     Robert Hayward


Meeting Opened:      6.00pm

Meeting Closed:        7.25pm


Next Meeting Details


Date:                           TBC

Time:                          6.00pm           

Location:                    Bassett Park Members Bar






Meeting Actions


There were not specific actions out of the meeting.


Discussion Notes:


Item 2               Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution Number BP.03.13


Moved Peter Flynn                                Seconded Carla Cosgrove


That the minutes of the Bassett Park Advisory Committee Meeting held on 17 June 2013 be confirmed as presented.





Item 3               Draft Master Plan


Scott Alston from MAK Planning & Design provided attending members a copy of the draft master plan followed by a review of the presented draft.  The draft plan was in turn presented to be presented to Council formally on 4 September 2013.

The public feedback period will run from Monday, 23 September until Friday, 11 October 2013. During this time, an information stand will be available at the Roma Customer Service Centre, with a copy of the draft Master Plan and building sketches available for viewing.

Residents are invited to attend a public feedback session to view the draft Master Plan and provide comment:

When:   Wednesday, 2 October - 5.30pm
Where:  Roma Bungil Cultural Centre, Cnr Bungil and Quintin Streets, Roma

Item 4               Roma Stables Update


Rob Hayward provided an update on progress of the new stables, confirming that tender documentation had now been signed and demolition of the old stables will commence the week commencing 16 September 2013.


Chair:  ..........................................................                                                                            Date:            ..........................................

Attachment 4

Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee - Confirmed Meeting Minutes 27/02/14



Attachment 1

Wall of Fame_Criteria




Before completing your nomination form, please make sure you have read the following information.


Criteria for Nominees


1.   Nominees must be:

·    A resident or past resident of the Maranoa Regional Council area.

·    Nominees should have made a sporting contribution at the highest level of national competition by representing Australia.

·    Agreeable to their inclusion on the Wall of Fame.


2.   Team players will be considered on the same basis as individuals.


3.   Any person or organisation may make nomination for consideration by Council on the appropriate forms and signed by the Nominator.


4.   Nominations can be submitted at any time throughout the year, but allocations shall be made twice yearly by Council in June and December of each calendar year. Any nomination previously submitted prior to March 2008, but not selected, may be resubmitted for reconsideration by Council.


5.   Council will not research the nomination, therefore there must be supportive detail provided with the appropriate form to allow Council to make their decision.


6.   Council is responsible for validating all information submitted with the appropriate sporting organisation, not for undertaking the initial research.


7.   Insufficient information given may lead to the Nominator being notified to resubmit the nomination form with the needed supportive detail.


8.   All Wall of Fame nominations must include:

·    A covering letter by the Nominator

·    A completed Wall of Fame Nomination Form, signed by Nominator

·    Documentation showing the Nominee’s merits in relation to their achievements


9.   It shall remain the responsibility of the Nominee, if successful for inclusion on the Wall of Fame, to provide a professional studio photograph dressed in suitable sporting attire.


10. Council’s decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Attachment 2

Erica MacMillan_Nomination Form


Attachment 3

Molly Ferguson_Nomination Form


Attachment 1

Body Of Report


1.0  Background Information


The application seeks approval for a Material Change of Use to establish a “Storage Facility” on land situated at Fleming Drive, Roma. The applicant proposes a parking depot for trucks carting water for resource activities throughout the region, to be developed in two stages. The application refers to the stages as a ‘Stage 1 warehouse building’ and a ‘Stage 2 warehouse building’, however an entire Stage 2 ‘area’ appears to be separately leased (to Murphy Pipe and Civil). In response to a request for further information, the applicant’s planners confirm that a 12 month lease now exists over the Stage 2 area.


The development site comprises an area of 4.56ha and is zoned Industrial. The site adjoins existing industrial uses to the north, east and west. The allotment adjoining the site to the south is vacant. The site is currently occupied by an existing workshop and administration/amenities building, which forms part of the Stage 1 area. The site contains three existing crossovers, one of which gains access from Fleming Drive, whilst the other two crossovers link to the common property access of the Body Corporate for Monalfa Place Community Title.



Figure 1 – Site Locality and Zoning Plan                                                    Source: Mapinfo


The applicant describes the two stages of development as follows;


Stage 1 (Eastern side): Stage 1 involves the construction of a new industrial building to augment the existing workshop and administration buildings already on site.  Stage 1 will also utilise the two existing crossovers.




Existing Buildings


New Warehouse


Onsite car parking spaces


Articulated vehicle parking


Stage 2 (Western side): Stage 2 involves the construction of a second industrial building. The existing crossover off Fleming Drive will be upgraded to provide bitumen seal access.




New Warehouse


Onsite car parking spaces


Articulated vehicle parking









The entire subject site, and each of the stages, are of a sufficient size to allow for heavy vehicle parking, car parking spaces and manoeuvring entirely onsite.


The proposed floor layout of each of the warehouse buildings for each stage includes 216m² of enclosed workshop/warehouse area, and also two awnings one being 112m2, and the other 65m2 in area. The proposed buildings will have a maximum height of 7.5m, conforming with Acceptable Solution 60.2 of the Scheme.  The buildings will be steel frame, with trimdek wall and roof cladding.


A 1.8 metre high mesh fence is already established along the entire perimeter of the site. It is proposed that a condition of approval be added that requires 3 metre wide landscaping along within the site along the road frontages, and also along the south western boundary.


Stage 1 is expected to require six employees comprising four truck drivers, one yard person and one administration officer. Servicing and maintenance of vehicles is also proposed onsite.


Stage 2 has a newly established unapproved use. The use appears to be more intense than requested in the proposal. As noted above, it is reported by the applicant’s planners that the area is leased to Murphy Pipe and Civil for a period of 12 months.  It is considered that while this development is of a more intense scale than what has been proposed, the applicant is still entitled to apply for a storage facility, even though this may not fully match the present (unapproved) use.  It is proposed to take the current application on it’s own merits, and then to manage any non-conformance between the submitted proposal and the activities at Stage 2 as a separate issue of non-compliance with this approval, once this approval has been granted.


2.0  Definition of Use and Assessment Status:


The Roma Town Planning Scheme 2006 defines the proposed uses as:


"Storage Facility" means any premises used for the storage of goods, including the selling of those goods by wholesale. The term includes storage activities such as a builder’s yard or construction contractor’s yard, a truck, vehicle or plant parking depot. The term also includes the following activities when carried out in connection with a storage activity


(a)  The work of administration or accounting; and

(b)  The garaging and routine servicing of vehicles associated with the conduct of the storage activity.


The application is subject to Impact Assessment and assessed below against the relevant provisions of the planning scheme.  Public notification was carried out between 16 December 2013 and 22 January 2014. One (1) properly made submission was received during this period.


3.0  Assessment against the Planning Scheme:


The Desired Environmental Outcomes (DEOs) are based on ecological sustainability

established by Sustainable Planning Act 2009, and are the basis for the measures of

the planning scheme. The DEOs are examined below:


(a)  Environment

a)   The areas of high scenic amenity, remnant vegetation, wetlands, fauna habitats and wildlife corridors and regionally significant open space in the town are protected.


The proposed development is located within an industrial estate and will not result in the removal of any significant vegetation or impact on environmentally significant areas, including wetlands, habitats, corridors and open spaces. 


b)   Places, areas or sites identified as being susceptible to land degradation, including contamination, erosion, salinity and landslip, are protected and further degradation is minimised.


The subject site is not identified as being susceptible to land degradation and therefore will not be adversely impacted by contamination, erosion, salinity or landslip. 


c)   Ecological sustainability is achieved by maintaining and improving biodiversity, water and air quality.


The proposed development is located within an established urban area and will not adversely impact on biodiversity, water or air quality.


d)   Places of historical and indigenous cultural heritage and social significance are protected, maintained and enhanced.


The development site is located in an industrial estate and will not adversely impact on known places of historical, cultural or social significance. 


(b)  Economic


a)   Business and commercial development shall be located within the Commercial Zone to promote and strengthen the existing central Business District.


The proposed development is for a storage facility located within the Industrial Zone.  The development is compatible with the intent of the area and surrounding land uses and will not adversely impact on business and commercial development within the Commercial Zone.


b)   The Central Business District (CBD) or inner core of the commercial Zone is intended to contain the more intensive commercial uses.  Entertainment facilities and tourist accommodation will also be favoured within and adjacent to the CBD to provide a central focus of activity and promote vitality after office hours.


The proposed development is for an industrial use located in an industrial estate outside the CBD.  The development will not compromise the ability of the CBD to contain intensive commercial uses, and locates a Storage Facility within an appropriate zone


c)   Beautification and improved parking facilities will enhance the efficiency, attractions and vitality of the Town CBD.


The proposed development is not located in the Roma Town CBD.


d)   Tourism will be promoted with significant economic and social benefits to the town as a regional centre with close association with the oil and gas industry and the proximity of the Carnarvon National Park.


The proposed development does not involve a tourist activity and will not adversely impact on tourism within the region.


e)   Industry, business and employment opportunities are improved and appropriately located to service the community and region, and encourage economic activity within the local area.


The proposed development is appropriately located within an industrial estate and is consistent with the existing and approved land uses in the locality.  The development will support industry, business and employment opportunities in the local area. 


(c)  Community Well-Being & Lifestyle


a)   Convenient access to roads and services is achieved through well located land uses and the efficient use and timely provision of infrastructure such as water, sewerage and roads walkways and cycling facilities.


The development site is located in an established urban area with convenient access to roads and infrastructure to service the proposed use. 


b)   Infrastructure networks such as road and rail, water cycle and electricity infrastructure are protected from encroachment by sensitive land uses which may adversely affect or limit the normal operation of that infrastructure.


The proposed development is not located in proximity to rail, water cycle or major electricity infrastructure and will not adversely impact on the operation of these networks.  The development site is serviced by three existing vehicle crossovers, one of which gains access from Fleming Drive, whilst the other two crossovers gain access from the common property of the Body Corporate for Monalfa Place Community Title.


c)    Rural residential and urban residential development occurs in distinct localities that provide a sense of community, amenity, services, and a safe, affordable living environment, whilst maintaining the rural amenity of the Town Area.


The proposal does not involve rural residential or urban residential development. 


d)   The adverse effects from natural and other hazards, including bushfires are minimised.


The development site is located within an urban area and is not identified as being susceptible to bushfire or other hazards.


e)   The range of housing types, services and facilities meets the needs of the community and other uses.


The development will provide a base for a local business servicing the community and wider region.


f)     Community well being is not compromised by inappropriate development that impacts upon noise levels, traffic volume, lighting levels, local amenity.


The development site is located within an industrial estate. The site is separated from residential and sensitive land uses and will not compromise community well being or local amenity through noise generation, traffic volume or lighting levels.



The Overall Outcomes and relevant Performance Criteria of the Urban Area Code are examined below:


(a)  Roma is a focus for a range of business, industrial, tourist, community and recreational activity in the local government area;


The establishment of a storage facility will contribute to the further growth of Roma as a focus area for industry and business within the region.


(b)  Business and commercial development is located primarily in the CBD to provide central and accessible services to the local government area;


The proposed development is suited to an industrial site, within the Industrial Zone, due to the large scale and nature of the activity. The development will not prejudice the consolidation of business and commercial uses within the town CBD.


(c)  The residential and heritage character and amenity of the Urban Area is retained;


The proposed development is appropriately located in the Industrial Zone and will integrate with existing industrial land uses in the locality.  Landscaping will be established within the site along the road frontages, to soften the view of the development from the street.


(d)  Safe and convenient access for pedestrians and cyclists is maintained and enhanced;


The development is appropriately located in the Industrial Zone and will not adversely impact on the safety and convenience of cyclist and pedestrian movements within the urban area.


(e)  Residential (including Rural Residential) development occurs where there is no adverse impact on Good Quality Agricultural Land;


The proposed development does not involve a residential use and will not adversely impact on GQAL.


(f)   Residential development is buffered from the existing and proposed road and rail corridors to minimise any detrimental impact;


The proposal does not involve residential development.


(g)  Residential development accommodates a range of housing types and allotment sizes, and provides a safe and pleasant living environment, with adequate access to community services and is located in the residential preferred areas shown on the Urban Area Maps in the appendices;


The proposal does not involve residential development.


(h)  The expansion of residential development occurs in areas where it is most cost effective to supply physical infrastructure, such as water, sewerage, roads and electricity;


The proposal does not involve residential development.


(i)   Efficient and equitable access to social infrastructure, such as schools, neighbourhood shopping, community services, public transport services, and parks are provided in residential areas;


The proposal does not involve residential development.  Conditions of approval will require infrastructure and services appropriate for the use. 


(j)   Industrial development is located in the Industrial Zone of the town (see maps in appendices);


The proposed development involves the establishment of a storage facility within the Industrial Zone.  The development is consistent with the intent of the area and surrounding land uses.


(k)  Impacts of industrial uses are required to be within acceptable limits and uses are undertaken in sustainable manner consistent with the amenity and character of the area concerned;


The proposed development is appropriately located within an industrial estate and is consistent with surrounding land uses.  The site adjoins industrial land to the north, south and west.  While land to the east is designated Rural, the development still achieves adequate separation from any sensitive land use.  The development will not adversely impact on the amenity and character of any urban areas.


(l)   Small scale business, community and emergency services are provided for the needs of the local community;


The development is intended to cater for the transportation of water and other storage uses for resource activities throughout the region.


(m) All Areas other than the Commercial Zone are protected from shopping centre and other forms of commercial development.


The proposed development is for a storage facility located within the Industrial Zone. 



Performance Criteria of the Urban Area:


Performance Criteria

Assessment responses

A.   A. For all the Town Zone

1. Infrastructure

PC 1 Electricity

Premises are provided with a supply of electricity adequate for the activity.

The site is currently connected to an existing electricity supply.

PC 2 Water Supply

Premises are provided with an adequate volume and supply of water for the activity.

The proposed development is located within an established industrial estate with access to reticulated water supply.

PC 3 Effluent Disposal

To ensure that public health and environmental values are preserved, all premises provide for the treatment and disposal of effluent and other waste water.

The site is currently is provided with an on-site effluent disposal system.

PC 4 Stormwater/Inter-Allotment Drainage

Stormwater is collected and discharged so as to:

(a) protect the stability of buildings or the use adjacent land;

(b) prevent the waterlogging of nearby land; and

(c) protect and maintain environmental values.

Appropriate stormwater drainage is conditioned as part of this development in accordance with Schedule 6: “Standards for Stormwater Drainage”.

PC 5 Vehicle Access

Vehicle access is provided to a standard appropriate for the use.

The development site is serviced by three existing vehicle crossovers. One crossover enters the site from Fleming Drive, whilst the other two crossovers access the site from the common property access of the Body Corporate for Monalfa Place Community Title.


The development site is located within an industrial estate that has been designed to cater for the volumes and types of traffic associated with industrial land uses.

PC 6 Density

The density of residential activities does not impact adversely on the residential amenity of the town.

The proposal does not contain any residential activities.

PC 7 Parking and Manoeuvring

Vehicle parking and service vehicle provision is adequate for the use whilst ensuring both safe and functional operation for motorists and pedestrians.

The development incorporates a provision of six car parking spaces, including on space for persons with disabilities for each Stage, a total of twelve car parking spaces.  The subject site is of a sufficient size to allow for heavy vehicle parking and manoeuvring for heavy vehicles to exit the site in forward gear.

PC 8 Roads

All weather road access is provided between the premises and the existing road network.

The proposal does not involve the provision of new road infrastructure. The development site is located within an established industrial estate with all weather vehicle access.

PC 9 State Controlled Roads

State Controlled Roads are maintained and enhanced as a link between major centres.

The development does not have direct access to a State-controlled road.

PC 10 Development Adjacent to State Controlled Roads

Development adjacent to State Controlled Roads is located to ensure safe and efficient use of the highway and maintain the integrity of the highway as a commuter link.

The development site is not adjacent to a State-controlled road, and will not adversely impact on the function of the Warrego Highway as a commuter link.


PC 11 Noise Sensitive Development

Noise sensitive developments (residential, education and community) must ensure that road traffic noise levels are appropriately managed to achieve acceptable levels of amenity.

The proposed development is consistent with the industrial zoning of the site and existing uses within the zone.  The development is not a noise sensitive development, and will not be adversely impacted upon by road traffic noise levels.

PC 12 Development in the Vicinity of Aerodrome


(a)  does not adversely affect the operation of the aerodrome;

(b)  is designed and located to achieve a suitable standard of amenity for the proposed activity; and

(c)  does not restrict the future operational demands of the aerodrome.

The development is not in the vicinity of the Aerodrome / Airport.


PC 13 Development in the Vicinity of Aerodrome

The development of premises does not cause an obstruction or other potential hazard to aircraft movement associated with the aerodrome by way of:

(a)  the physical intrusion of buildings or other structures into the Obstacle Limitation Surface;

(b)  attracting birds or bats to the area which could cause or contribute to bird strike hazard;

(c)  providing very bright lighting or lighting similar to aerodrome lighting which can distract or confuse pilots;

(d)  interfering with navigation or communication facilities;

(e)  emissions that may affect pilot visibility or aircraft operations; or

(f)  transient intrusions into the aerodromes operation space.

The development is not in the vicinity of the Aerodrome / Airport.

PC 14 Gas and Oil Pipelines

Buildings are located at an appropriate distance from pipelines to ensure community safety and operation of the use is not compromised.

The subject site is not close to any gas or oil pipelines.  The nearest gas pipeline is 1 kilometre to the northeast of the site.

PC 15 Refuse Tips and Effluent Treatment Plants

Premises are located at an appropriate distance from refuse tips and effluent treatment plants to ensure community safety and operation of the uses are not compromised.

The subject site is not near any refuse tips or effluent treatment plants.

PC 16 Rail Corridors

Development is at an appropriate distance from the rail corridor so as not to prejudice safety, speed or intended role of the existing and proposed rail corridors.

The proposed development will not prejudice any intended future uses for the rail corridor.

PC 17 Noise Attenuation

Development adjoining the rail corridor is protected from the impact of noise.

The rail corridor has very low levels of use. Additionally, the development is not noise sensitive, and so will not require protection from the rail corridor.

2. Environment

PC 18 Watercourses

Development ensures the maintenance of riparian areas and water quality including protection from off-site transfer of sediment.

The subject site is not located in close proximity to a watercourse. The development has been appropriately conditioned to prevent concentrations of stormwater and sediment runoff from the developed site.


PC 19 Protected Areas

Development is undertaken to ensure areas of significant biodiversity and habitat value are protected.

The development site is not identified as containing or adjoining any areas of significant biodiversity and habitat value.

PC 20 Flooding

Premises are designed and located so as:

(a) not to adversely impacted upon by flooding;

(b) to protect life and property; and

(c) not to have an undesirable impact of the extent and magnitude of flooding.  

The subject site is not identified as being subject inundation during a 1 in 100 year flood event.


PC 21 Air Emissions

Air emissions from premises do not cause environmental harm or nuisance to adjoining properties or sensitive land uses.

The proposed use will not result in excess air emissions, beyond emissions from heavy vehicles, and will not cause undue environmental harm.

PC 22 Noise Emissions

Noise emissions from premises do not cause environmental harm or nuisance to adjoining properties or sensitive land uses.

The proposed development is appropriately located within an industrial area and separated from noise sensitive land uses. 

PC 23 Water Quality

The standard of effluent and/or stormwater runoff from premises ensures the quality of surface water is suitable for:

(a) the biological integrity of aquatic ecosystems;

(b) recreational use;

(c) supply as drinking water after minimal treatment;

(d) agricultural use; or Industrial use; and

(e) Minimises nuisance or harm to adjoining land owners.

A Stormwater Management Plan for the development has been prepared by Reid Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd.  Stormwater will be directed onsite to 150 metre swale drain which will reduce sediment runoff to an acceptable level. Storm water leaving the site is directed to the existing drain that traverses the adjoining lot.



PC 24 Excavation and Filling

Excavation and filling of land ensures:

(a) that both the amenity and safety of users of the site and adjacent land holdings; and

(b) soil erosion is kept to a minimum with remedial works.

Conditions of approval will require any earthworks to be undertaken in accordance with Schedule 7: “Standards for Construction Activity” of the CMDG, and the CMDG Design Guidelines.

PC 25 Construction Activities

Both erosion control and silt collection measures are undertaken so as to ensure protection of environmental values during construction.

The proposed conditions of approval require soil erosion and sediment controls to be implemented during construction in order to prevent off-site transfer of sediment and ensure the protection of environmental values.

PC 26 Bushfire Hazard Area

Development maintains the safety of people and property by avoiding areas of high or Medium Bushfire hazard or mitigating the risk through:

(a)  the siting of buildings ensuring setbacks from hazardous vegetation are maximised and elements lease susceptible to fire are sited closest to the bushfire hazard; and

(b)  the provision of firebreaks to ensure adequate setbacks between Buildings, structures and Hazardous vegetation.

The proposed development is not located within a High or Medium Bushfire Hazard area.

PC 27 Character Buildings

Development adjacent to buildings identified as heritage or character buildings within Schedule 9 incorporates design features, materials and details that blend with the existing character of the adjoining buildings and/or place.

The site is not adjacent to buildings identified as heritage or character buildings.  .

PC 20 Cultural Heritage

The significance of known places of indigenous and/or cultural heritage value is retained.

The site is not identified as (or adjoined to) any places of known indigenous and/or cultural heritage value.

For the Industrial Zone

PC 47 Scale and setbacks

The scale and location of the industrial use on the site should contribute to the amenity of the Zone.

The total area of the existing and proposed building footprints is 1,049.44m2. This equates to only 2.6% of the site.


The buildings will be limited to one storey, and a maximum height of 7.5 metres above natural ground level.


All buildings in both Stage One and Stage Two of the proposal meet the minimum setback of 3 metres from the side and rear boundaries, and 9 metres from the front boundaries that are required.within the Industrial Zone.

PC 48 Vehicular traffic

Vehicular movements connected with uses in the industrial area ensure that the amenity of the adjacent residential area is not adversely affected.

Vehicular access to the site can be obtained through the Industrial Zone directly to a State – controlled road (the Warrego Highway).  Vehicle movements associated with the use will not adversely affect the amenity of the nearest rural residential area which is located 650 metres from the site.

PC 49 Landscaping

Landscaping on the site:

(a) contributes positively to the built form and the street; and

(b) reduces the impact of the size and scale of the buildings.

(c) does not interfere with electricity infrastructure items.

The proposed development has been conditioned to include a 3 metre landscaping strip along all road frontages of the site, including the common property access, and also along the south western boundary in order to improve the general amenity of the site and the surrounds.

PC 50 Amenity

The amenity of residential uses adjacent to the industrial area is protected through appropriate boundary screening.

The site does not adjoin any residential areas.

PC 51 Building and Structure Design

The building is designed and orientated to be identifiable from the street.

The existing buildings front onto an internal road within the community title, and are identifiable from this access.


The scale of the site is large, and buildings within the site are centrally located, and may eventually be obscured by stored materials. Instead of identifiable buildings, the development uses clearly identified internal access paths for navigation within the site.

PC 52 Building Appearance

Buildings are designed and finished to a high quality appearance.

The office/amenities building and the workshop are existing. The proposed new buildings will be constructed of a steel frame and trimdek wall and roof cladding.


The design and construction materials of the building are suited to the locality and consistent with surrounding industrial buildings.

PC 53 Operating Hours

Development is operated in such a manner that ensures that the local amenity is protected.

It is proposed the development will operate 7am – 6pm, 7 days a week, however, the Scheme allows for unlimited operating hours within the Zone where there are no adjoining sensitive land uses.


PC 54 Delivery of Goods

The loading and unloading of goods occurs at the appropriate times to protect the amenity of the Industrial Area and surrounding areas.


The proposal is for a storage facility within an industrial area, not close to any sensitive noise receptors. It is proposed that the hours for the delivery of goods match the approved operating hours..



4.0       Submissions


One (1) submission was lodged to Council during the public notification period.  The submitter’s name and address is listed below:


K & V Knight

PO Box 664





The conditions of the approval require that all car parking spaces, access and maneuvering areas are to be sealed with bitumen seal or a similar surface in order to reduce dust generation. The site is surrounded by other industrial uses, all with similar hardstand gravel surfaces, and is also remote from any residential or sensitive land use. Hardstand gravel surfaces are considered a suitable base for the type of general storage proposed.


The development site is within the Industrial Zone, and is well located for the proposed use.  Normal levels of noise can be expected from vehicle movements, and the general operations of the site.  Any excessive noise is managed by the relevant condition of approval that limiting undue noise (Condition 46) 


The eastern Roma Industrial Zone already experiences a high level of heavy vehicle traffic associated with the existing industrial uses within the Zone.  Fleming Drive and Roma Downs Road are of a suitable standard for these existing uses, and also for the proposed use.  The proposed development will be directly linked to a State controlled road (the Warrego Highway) via Fleming Drive and Roma Downs Road, and so any traffic related to the site will be able to enter and exit the area on a continuous connection of ‘fit for purpose’ roads.


5.0  Assessment Summary


Although the Roma Town Planning Scheme requires Impact Assessment for the proposed use, there is no conflict between the intent of the proposal and the planning scheme.  The development is appropriately located within an industrial estate, and is consistent with the nature of the surrounding land uses.  The development can be conditioned to achieve an appropriate level of amenity for the locality.




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Development Plans


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Commerce Roma - Proposal for Sponsorship of the Maranoa Business Awards - 19 March 2014