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General Meeting


Wednesday 28 May 2014


Roma Administration Centre




Date: 3 June 2014


Mayor:                                                   Councillor R S Loughnan


Deputy Mayor:                                        Councillor W S Wason

Councillors:                                            Councillor J L Chambers

                                                              Councillor R J Denton

                                                              Councillor P J Flynn

                                                              Councillor W M Newman

                                                              Councillor C J O’Neil

                                                              Councillor M L Price

                                                              Councillor D J Schefe


Chief Executive Officer:                          Ms Julie Reitano


Senior Management:                               Mr Cameron Castles (Director Infrastructure Services)

                                                              Mr Rob Hayward (Director Development, Facilities & Environmental Services)

                                                              Ms Sharon Frank (Director Corporate, Community & Commercial Services)


Officers:                                                 Ms Jane Frith (Coordinator Corporate Communications)


Please find attached agenda for the General Meeting to be held at the Roma Administration Centre on May 28, 2014 at 9.00am.

Julie Reitano

Chief Executive Officer


Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  28 May 2014


Item       Subject





11.1       Council Initiated Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

              Attachment 1:        Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee Meeting - Confirmed Minutes - 27/03/14............................................................................................................... 3

              Attachment 2:        Airport Advisory Committee - Confirmed Minutes - 02/04/14.............. 6

              Attachment 3:        Wild Dog Advisory Committee - Confirmed Minutes - 25/11/13........ 11


12.1    Proposed Permanent Closure of Part of Naldera Road and Opening of a Part of the Same Road

              Attachment 1:        Map showing proposed road closure and opening for Naldera Road 14

              Attachment 2:        Councillor Request - Cr. Chambers - Norman Johnston - Grid removal       15

              Attachment 3:        Acknowledgement Letter Mr N Johnston Naldera Rd Alignment...... 19


13.1       Reallocation of budget funding for Maranoa's Got Talent

              Attachment :           Information received from Toni Jeavons - DISCO............................ 20


13.2    Request for Dinner to Mark 130 Year Anniversary of Formation of Roma Volunteer Rifle Corp.

              Attachment :           Letter from Bevan Stansbie - Request to invite Governor General to Roma Volunteer Rifle Corp 130yr Anniversary in 2015 - 16 April 2014........ 22


13.3       Roma Cultural Centre Foot Bridge

              Attachment 1:        Conceptual Design - Footbridge - Council Builder.............................. 23

              Attachment 2:        Photo - Footbridge Design Landmark................................................. 24


13.4       Permit to Occupy - Lot 15 on EG68

              Attachment 1:        Map - Lot 15 on EG68......................................................................... 25

              Attachment 2:        Location Map - Lot 15 on EG68.......................................................... 26


13.5       Kooma #4 Native Title Claim QUD504/2011

              Attachment 1:        Draft Consent Determination QUD504/2011...................................... 27

              Attachment 2:        Map Showing Lot 3 on TM9................................................................ 49


Councillor Business


22.1       Wild Dog Advisory Committee Recommendations

              Attachment :           Unconfirmed Minutes - Wild Dog Advisory Committee Meeting - 12/05/14  50




Attachment 1

Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee Meeting - Confirmed Minutes - 27/03/14


Attachment 2

Airport Advisory Committee - Confirmed Minutes - 02/04/14



Meeting:                                 Airports Advisory Committee Meeting

Date:                                       Wednesday 2 April 2014

Chair:                                     Cr. Joy Denton                       

Attendees:                             Cr. Joy Denton, Ben Jones MRC – Manager Airports (Roma, Injune & Surat), Barry McCabe – Roma Aero Club, Meryl Brumpton – Flying Surgical and Flying Obstetric Service,  Richard Benham  – Commerce Roma, Lyn Kajewski – Roma Tourism Association Inc, Peter Flynn – Maranoa Travel Centre, Greg Shaw,


Apologies:                             Cr. Cameron O’Neil, Cr. David Schefe, Ian Rollinson,  Robert Lethbridge, Vicki Beitz, Christopher Kerr – Care Flight Group QLD, Adrian Harding – Europcar, Shane Brumby – MI Helicopters, Keith Chandler, Anthony Partridge – TransLink, Anthony McDonald – Hertz Roma, Scott Rodgers – Air BP, Jon Hamer - Qantas


Minutes:                                 Christina Tincknell


Meeting Opened:                                                                                                                       6:00pm

Meeting Closed:                   6:45pm


Next Meeting Details

Date:                       7th May 2014                          

Time:                      6pm        

Location:               Council Chambers, Bungil Street           

Meeting Actions




Action by


Item 2

Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising

Installation of VASI lights at Roma Airport

Ben Jones


Provide an update on the sale of the council drink vending machine to the Roma Aero Club.

Ben Jones

7 May 2014

Item 3

Tourism Billboard & Tourism Promotion

Lyn Kajewski to update the committee regarding progress of the installation of a tourism billboard at Roma Airport.

Lyn Kajewski

7 May 2014

Item 4

Passenger Tax Application

Present to Council the proposal of the passenger tax being applied to charter aircraft utilising Injune Airport

Ben Jones

Commencement of Fees & Charges for 2014/15 Financial Year


Discussion Notes:



Cr. Denton welcomed all present and declared the meeting open at 6pm.


Item 1                     Apologies

The following apologies were noted at the commencement of the meeting;

·      Cr. Cameron O’Neil

·      Ian Rollinson, 

·      Robert Lethbridge,

·      Vicki Beitz,


Item 2                     Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising

Resolution:           AP/04.2014/10

Moved:                   Lyn Kajewski        

Seconded:             Barry McCabe

That the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting minutes of 5 March 2014 be confirmed.                                                                   














The Committee requested updates on the following outstanding action items;

·      Installation of VASI lights at Roma Airport

The process in on-going. Currently investigating the feasibility of incorporating the electrical aspect of the installation into existing infrastructure without impacting upon future projects.


·      Follow up with Nektar regarding new Menu items for Roma Airport kiosk.

Ben advised the committee that the new menu options are available at the café, although sale of these items has been slow. There is still some concern regarding the menu items. Ben is negotiating with Nektar so that the terms outlined in the contract are met. Peter Flynn noted that the service from the café had improved immensely over the past few weeks.


·      RFDS & Careflight Refund

Ben advised the committee that Airport staff had been in contact with the RFDS to confirm location of charges. Airport staff have processed both RFDS and Careflight refunds and they are with finance to be finalised.


·      Preliminary Designs for Airport Terminal and Car Park Redevelopment

Ben advised that the designs had been received and presented to Council. There were a few minor adjustments which have been given to the architect to change. Once the amended documents are received they will be presented to Council again.


Item 3                     Tourism Billboard & Tourism Promotion

Lyn met with Ben Jones and Tourism Coordinator Megan Swords on 27 March to choose a location for the billboard at Roma Airport. A location has been chosen and the billboard is in the process of being prepared for installation.


The committee also discussed other tourism strategies, such as promotional booklets being on display. Ben advised that there are already several that are on display, such as the Business Focus on Roma.  Peter Flynn advised that he has copies of the Easter in the Country program and is able to provide booklets to Airport Management to place on display in the terminal.


Item 4                     Passenger Tax Application

The recommendation was presented to Council on 12 March as Council resolved as follows;


That Council:


1.     Receive and note the received request from the Airport Advisory Committee;


2.     Further consider this request and the potential application of the suggested charge at the Surat & Mitchell Airports, in addition to the requested Injune Airport, at an upcoming Councillor Workshop.


Item 5                     Drink Vending Machine

At the Council meting held 12 March 2014, Council resolved as follows;


That Council authorise the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate the sale/lease of the

Council owned drink vending machine directly with the Roma Aero Club, on the basis of the

club being defined as a Community Organisation.


Ben Jones met with Barry McCabe and Greg Shaw on 2 April to discuss a price. Ben will present this offer to the Chief Executive Officer for consideration.


Item 6                     Airport Management Decision Making (Greg Shaw)

Greg Shaw advised the committee that he believes process could be simplified if the Airport Management had the authority to make decisions for simple requests. Greg advised that he had paid annual fees for his aircraft, which he swaps out. Greg said the process to date has taken 3 months, and enquired on the possibility of the appropriate Council officer being authorised to action similar type requests.  Cr. Denton advised that the matter had been formally presented to Council, with written notification of the determination to be communicated in the near future.  Cr. Denton also advised that due to legislative requirements of the Local Government Act, Council are obliged to follow correct process in such matters.


Item 7                     General Business


Route Regulation discussion

Members discussed route regulation following on from initial discussions on the matter at the committee meeting on 5 March 2014, with Peter Flynn having since received a request from John Hamer about the content of discussions that took place at that meeting.  Both Peter and John were an apology at the meeting on 5 March.  The context of those discussions was clarified.


Cr. Denton provided further comment on the recommendation made by Council that the route to Roma continues to be regulated, as this provided a guarantee of service for residents.


Qantas Lounge

Peter advised that Jon Hamer of Qantas also indicated that QantasLink was still interested in having an airport lounge included in the new Terminal redevelopment, however no decision would be made until the new financial year. Peter was advised by Jon that as the route tender was due for renewal in January 2015, Qantas also had to consider the implication if they do not win the tender.

The committee discussed the possible impact of having an airport lounge. With so many passengers utilising the terminal, an issue with accommodating a large number of potentially Qantas Lounge users would occur. Peter advised that the passenger number for the last quarter has had an increase of 38% on the same quarter last year. On Thursday 27 March, there were delays to flights due to the heavy rain. He estimated that the terminal had approximately 300 passengers waiting.


Meryl Brumpton noted that on Monday when she was at the airport, there were several power outages that occurred. Greg Shaw suggested installing a commercial UPS to combat the power outages. Peter Flynn advised that he had approached QantasLink and was advised that the installation of a UPS was not considered worthwhile given the infrequency of the power outages. Peter advised that it had been some months since the last outages occurred before Monday. 


Greg Shaw left the meeting at 6:25pm


The committee discussed the high passenger numbers utilising the terminal and the difficulty in predicting future trends.


Committee Terms of Reference

Cr. Denton requested Kelly Rogers provide an update on the requirements under the Local Government Act with respect to the quorum numbers, as specified in the Committee Terms of Reference.

Kelly advised that she had discussed the requirements with Acting Chief Executive Officer – Michael Parker.  The Local Government Regulation 2012 outlines procedural requirements in conducting meetings of Council; these requirements include Council initiated Advisory Committees.  One key aspect discussed was the implication of there not being enough members in attendance at a meeting to form a quorum.  If a quorum is not formed then it is unknown if members present are putting forward a recommendation that is reflective of the committee as a whole.  Recommendations put forward by the committee that are of a strategic, policy or budgetary nature are formally presented to Council for consideration, it is therefore important that those recommendations are reflective of the committee’s wishes.


The committee discussed possible remedies to negate low attendance numbers to meet the quorum requirement, such as allowing committee members phone in access and the use of a proxy. Kelly proposed to the committee that for agenda items of high importance, committee members could be contacted via phone to inform them of the upcoming agenda to encourage attendance, or allow members to make alternate arrangements to ensure their input on a matter for recommendation to Council.


Resolution:           AP/04.2014/11

Moved:                   Peter Flynn           

Seconded:             Barry McCabe

The Committee recommended the following administrative actions;

1.     ‘Phone in’ capability for members not based in Roma, or for exceptional circumstances be accommodated for as part of meeting arrangements;

2.     Members be contacted by phone prior to meetings where key agenda items seeking committee recommendation are sought for formal presentation to Council.



















Item 8                     Next Meeting Date & Close

The Committee scheduled the next meeting for 7 May 2014 commencing 6pm, to be held at the Council Chambers. The meeting was closed at 6:45pm.




...............................................                                                                                         .............................................

Chair                                                                                                                                               Date

Attachment 3

Wild Dog Advisory Committee - Confirmed Minutes - 25/11/13



            Meeting Monday 25 November 2013, Department Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries, Mitchell Road Roma.

Commencing at 10.00am



Present:  Cr. Jan Chambers (chairperson), Dan Sutton, Michael Stanford, Ian Tutt,  John Hartley, John Cuskelly(Wild Dog Coordinator DAFF), Kim Handley, Peter Maunder, Peter Harrison, Melissa Nobbs (AgForce), Kelly Rogers (Maranoa Regional Council), Damian Bougoure (Maranoa Regional Council) and Kay Crosby.


Visitors:  Ian Handley (north of Mungallala), Paul Gray (Project Manager WDBF)



Kent Morris, Graham Hardwick, Don Noon, and Gareth Graham


Moved: Ian Tutt                                              Seconded: Dan Sutton


Chairperson Jan Chambers opened the meeting at 10am and welcomed members and visitors.



The minutes from the last meeting had been circulated to all members of the group.  Cr. Chambers asked if there were any changes or queries relating to the minutes. 

Moved:  Ian Tutt                                                         Seconded: Dan Sutton


Business Arising:


A teleconference was held between all Chairpersons of Local Government Wild Dog Groups.  Topics of discussion

·    Regional Baiting programs

·    Calendar for baiting across Queensland – integration of dates

·    Chairperson of QDOG

·    Barrier Fence Representatives in this Region – Rod Avery Balonne Shire Council

·    Cluster Fencing – a number are being implemented in the Murweh Shire Region

·    Suggestion that the State (DAFF) undertake more compliance


Update QDOG

John Cuskelly advised that QDOG has a new chairperson selected by the Minister – Mr Ivan Naggs has taken up this role.


Boolba Pest Animal day was a great success.  There is a person in that area that makes SAP and landholders are encouraged to contact him direct to obtain this matter if they desire (Mr Bucknell – advertises in the telephone directory).  PACK International also makes bait.


Waratah are partnering with interested groups to run information days on types of fencing that can reduce animal predators entering land.  There is to be a number of these field days held in the south west Region.  Western Downs has indicated they are interested in running a day for landholders and interested persons.



Field Days – March 2014 to be organised by Wild Dog Coordinator

·    Noonga Community Centre

·    Glenelg Mungallala

·    Muckadilla Hall/Moonya


Baiting Program

Kay Crosby advised that she had made contact with Balonne Shire Council seeking names of landholders, which is in response to their request for financial assistance to provide meat to landholders that wanted to participate in the Balonne Shire Baiting program; however their land was within the Maranoa boundary.  To date, no further information has been made available from Balonne Shire.


Supply of meat for the next baiting program will remain with Warroo Game Meats at Surat and Latimer in Amby.


In previous programs, there had been some meat that exceeded the appropriate size.  The suppliers were spoken to at the time of identification.  Council have stipulated the size of meat, as such the suppliers know what is required.  Should it be identified that the meat bait size exceeds the requirements; a Council officer will contact the supplier immediately.


Meat provided in the campaign is as follows:

5100kg dog baits and 1060kg pig baits – Warroo

5940kg dog baits – Latimer


Council officers have advised that landholders are forgetting the day for them to collect their meat.  A number of landholders have asked for Council to provide them with another reminder – 300kg of meat was disposed due to landholder not collecting.  Administration of baiting programs needs to be improved.


Forestry east of Yuleba has been identified as a ‘hot’ spot for wild dogs.  There is a large amount of this forestry that is not baited, and it is the responsibility of the landholder that leases the country to implement pest animal control.


General Business


Golden Dogger Awards

The Golden Dogger Awards will once again be announced at Council’s Australia Day functions.  The prizes need to be organised for each of the categories – seven traps and one infra red camera (with black flash).



A number of Companies that own land within the Shire are not participating in baiting programs.  The committee have recommended that Council write to those identified seeking their participation and the positive attributes of being involved.  (Australian Agriculture Company, Origin, Australian Country Choice).



Sporting Shooters Association of Australia is working with AgForce to assist Farmers in the control of pest animals.  This program is a means of engaging people who are qualified and accredited to help in pest mitigation and to achieve strong animal welfare, production and economic outcomes.  These professionals must adhere to a strict code of practice encompassing legislative requirements and animal welfare.


National Parks

Pig baiting occurs in line with Council’s coordinated programs.  The Department complete such processes in hot spots within the parks.  They also have two licensed personnel.


Scalp Payments

Peter Thomas has advised that he has not been paid for scalps.  Should the scalps have only been presented to Council in the past two weeks, payment will be in process.


A number of dogs have been sighted, as well as tracks within the entire Region.  Landholders are advising on a regular basis of animal damage and or destruction caused by wild dogs.  Scalp numbers are continual, and should presentation of payments continue, it is estimated that 2000 scalps maybe received in this financial year.


Proposed meeting dates


Next meeting is to be held on Monday 24 February 2014 in Roma at the DAFF meeting room located on Mitchell Road Roma commencing at 10am.There being no further business, Cr. Chambers closed the meeting and thanked everyone for providing their valuable time.  The meeting closed at 12 noon.      




………………………………                                    …………………………

Chair                                                                           Date


Attachment 1

Map showing proposed road closure and opening for Naldera Road


Attachment 2

Councillor Request - Cr. Chambers - Norman Johnston - Grid removal


Attachment 3

Acknowledgement Letter Mr N Johnston Naldera Rd Alignment


Customer Request Reference: 3236


Enquiries:   Clara Aitken

Phone:        4624 0712 (Direct) or

                   1300 007 662 (via Customer Service)

Our Refs:     D14/24959; D14/33758



15 May 2014



Mr Norman Johnston


ROMA  QLD 4455



Dear Mr Johnston

Re: Road Re-Alignment after Grid Removal – Naldera Road


Thank you for your letter addressed to Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Julie Reitano dated 27 March 2014, and your Councillor Customer Feedback Form addressed to Councillor Jan Chambers dated 8 April 2014, outlining your request for Council to realign Naldera Road after the removal of a grid in your property “Coogoon”, Roma.


Firstly, I apologise that it has taken some time to respond to your initial request. I have undertaken an initial review of your request and will investigate the matter further for you.


To progress your request, I will be meeting with the Director – Infrastructure Services, Cameron Castles, to discuss the process regarding roads off-alignment. Following this discussion and to seek further direction from Council, your correspondences, accompanied by an Officer’s Report may be formally presented to Councillors at an upcoming General Meeting. My office will be in contact again to provide you a further update on the timing of the report if required and the outcome of those deliberations.


Thank you for bringing your request to the attention of Council. Please do not hesitate to contact Clara Aitken – Support Officer, of my office directly on 4624 0712 if you have any further questions or concerns in the interim.


Yours faithfully





Kym Downey

Manager – Infrastructure Planning & Design


Attachment 1

Information received from Toni Jeavons - DISCO


Information received from Toni Jeavons - DISCO

“Maranoa Youth Support Network” currently consists of 23 members

Coordinator of “Roma`s Big Day Out “Festival in partnership with several government and non-government agencies, including DISCO, PCYC, QLD Police Service, Roma State College, Youth Invest, Maranoa Regional Council, QLD Health, Centrelink, Max Employment, TAFE, Centacare  and SWAATISCH.

“Roma`s Big Day Out” Festival

To be held at Bassett Park on 13th of September 2014 from 10am – 6pm.

-Mobile Skate park to be placed in undercover area of Bassett Park

-Marquees and igloos are being organised from business org in Roma

-Cultural Cafe / Loretta Waldron has been approached

-Titans have been approached

-The “Raise Foundation” has been approached in relation to Mentoring Youth Work Shops facilitating Self harm & Suicide Prevention

- “Letters of Interest” are being delivered to all/most businesses and organisations to have stalls for the purpose of advertisement, selling merchandise and/or refreshments on the day.

- Roma Police have been approached and informed of this event and will organise for Clancy the Koala to be present.

- The “Helmet” initiative between DISCO, District Crime Prevention Officer with Roma Police and PCYC is underway. This initiative will provide free helmets to the youth as well as generate friendly public relations between the Police and the community members.

-Bassett Park Manager, Lloyd Waldron has been approached and a meeting arranged to discuss site locations, area, etc.

-“Guards of May” Band, “Unwritten” Band, Chooky Dancers, Native Rhyme, “Super Charge Slinky” Band, “Jamal” Band, Selene McAlister, Tamika Taylor and Lukey are entertainers that have been approached  to attend the Festival.

- Hip Hop Dancers, Zumba & other community Orgs approached to put on a display, etc.  to be sourced for stage show

- LOGO (For Maranoa Youth Support Network & Name of Big Day Out Festival) Competition has been launched throughout the local Schools, Judging by the Mayor and ready to go for the advertisement of “Roma`s Big Day Out” Festival.

- Advertisement of “Roma`s Big Day Out” Festival will be launched on 1st of June 2014.





Attachment 1

Letter from Bevan Stansbie - Request to invite Governor General to Roma Volunteer Rifle Corp 130yr Anniversary in 2015 - 16 April 2014



16 April 2014



Maranoa Regional Council

PO Box 42

Mitchell, QLD, 4465


Attention: Sue Sands




Dear Sue,


I am writing to request Council’s support to invite the Australian Governor General, General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove, to attend a recognition ceremony in 2015 marking the 130 year anniversary of the formation of the Roma Volunteer Rifle Corp.


This military unit was formed on 22 May 1885, with many brave men volunteering to serve our country. My suggestion is to hold a VIP banquet dinner in recognition of this significant anniversary. This dinner would provide an important opportunity for the Volunteer Rifle Corp to be recognised and honoured for the bravery and efforts which occurred many years ago.


I have attached historical images which you may find of interest. If you wish to discuss further or need assistance with gathering information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely



Mr Bevan Stansbie MBE

Ph: 46221083 


Attachment 1

Conceptual Design - Footbridge - Council Builder


Attachment 2

Photo - Footbridge Design Landmark


Attachment 1

Map - Lot 15 on EG68


Attachment 2

Location Map - Lot 15 on EG68


Attachment 1

Draft Consent Determination QUD504/2011


Attachment 2

Map Showing Lot 3 on TM9



Attachment 1

Unconfirmed Minutes - Wild Dog Advisory Committee Meeting - 12/05/14


Meeting:                                 Wild Dog Advisory Committee Meeting


Date:                                       Monday 12 May 2014


Chair:                                     Cr. Jan Chambers  


Attendees:                             Cr. Jan Chambers, John Hartley, Michael Stanford, Peter Maunder, Ian Tutt, Kay Crosby (MRC), Damian Bougoure (MRC), Kymlee Seiler (MRC), Maree Winter (MRC), Dan Sutton.



Apologies:                             Don Noon, Kym Handley, Merv Phillips, Bill Crook-King, Bruce Hartnell, Vince Packer, Kent Morris, John Cuskelly, Gareth Graham.


Minutes:                                 Kelly Rogers


Meeting Opened:                                                                                                                      10:00am

Meeting Closed:                   12:54pm


Next Meeting Details


Date:                       18 August 2014                      

Time:                      10.00am 

Location:               TBC        

Meeting Actions




Action by


Item 3

Terms of Reference

That the TOR be updated as adopted by members.

Kelly Rogers


Item 4

Update from Wild Dog Officer

John Cuskelly be advised that a written request must be submitted concerning the use of the Wild Dog Advisory Committee Terms of Reference as a basis for use by DAFF.

Damien Bougoure


Item 5



Baiting Program

Copy of previous baiting campaign update to be circulated with minutes.

Kym Lee Seiler/Kelly Rogers


Members requested that baiting stations be clearly indicated on future maps and the map of the recent baiting be included in the BTB.

Kym Lee Seiler

Mid June 2014

Peter Maunder to contact members in the Yuleba & Noonga areas to improve campaign take up in that area and report back at the next meeting.

John  Hartley


Report be presented to Council for formal consideration recommending that Council negotiate arrangements & funding for border baiting locations (Murweh, Balonne, & Western Downs).

Cr. Jan Chambers/Kelly Rogers


Surat Program timings be adjusted as agreed for the next campaign.

Damien Bougoure

End July 2014

Report be presented to Council for formal consideration that future campaign notification be undertaken via phone and email, rather than mail out to landholders.

Cr. Jan Chambers/Kelly Rogers


Baiting campaign education be undertaken on a monthly basis for distribution in the Bottle Tree Bulletin.

Damien Bougoure

From July 2014 Edition

Meat order template be amended to clarify volume allowance of baits/factory baits, with meat tenders called annually on current sized baits. Copy to be circulated with minutes

Damien Bougoure/Kelly Rogers


Cr. Chambers to confirm for members next aerial baiting campaign date.(South Mungallala)

Cr. Jan Chambers


Item 9

Bonus Payments for Scalps

Breakdown of scalps collected to date to be circulated with the minutes.

Kym Lee Seiler/Kelly Rogers


Report be presented for formal consideration in allocating incentive payments for increments of 50 scalps presented.

Cr. Jan Chambers/Kelly Rogers


John Hartley be included as an authorised signatory for receiving scalps.

Kay Crosby


Item 10

Predator Days

Further discussion with Jon Cuskelly to occur after the Mitchell Predator Day.

Damien Bougoure

End June 2014

Additional contacts

Ian Tutt to obtain email contacts in the Begonia locality and provide to Damian Bougoure in preparation for November baiting campaign.

Ian Tutt


Wild Dog Barrier Fence Maintenance

Damian Bougoure & Dan Sutton to discuss process for collection of photo’s identifying maintenance requirements for the dingo fence.

Damian Bougoure/Dan Sutton


Acceptable Scalps

Authorised Officer refresher training to be undertaken and acceptable scalp guidelines to be issued in the BTB.

Damian Bougoure

July Edition 2014


Discussion Notes:



Cr. Chambers welcomed all present and declared the meeting open at 10.05am.


Item 1                     Apologies

The following apologies were noted at the commencement of the meeting;

·      Kym Handley, Don Noon, Vince Noon, Kent Morris, John Cuskelly, Melissa Nobbs


Item 2                     Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising

Resolution:           WD/01.2014/01

Moved:                   John Hartley

Seconded:             Dan Sutton

That the Wild Dog Advisory Committee Meeting minutes of 25 November 2013 be confirmed.                                            















Chair, Cr. Chambers congratulated Dan Sutton for his efforts in presentation of the highest number of scalps, being recognised at the Golden Dogger Awards as part of the 2014 Australia Day Celebrations.  Damien Bougoure provided an update on the participation of Company owned landholders in their participation in the baiting program. 


Item 3                     Review Terms of Reference

Councillor Chambers discussed the past goals of the committee and their implementation into the draft Terms of Reference, confirming that all Advisory Committees of Council are required to adopt a ‘Terms of Reference.’













Resolution:           WD/01.2014/02

Moved:                   John Hartley

Seconded:             Michael Stanford

That the Draft Terms of Reference be adopted inclusive of the following amendments:

Quorum minimum to be 6;


·      Point 4 to state - Increase awareness on the impacts that wild dogs have on each community and the flow on economic implications

·      Point 8 to state -  Facilitate communication and co-operation between Council, groups and individuals


Advisory Group Structure & Format

Include the location of Surat


Advisory Group Members

Point 6 to state – Actively promote the Council’s Co-ordinated baiting program





Quorum be changed to a minimum of 6 members.

























Item 4                     Update from Wild Dog Officer

Damien Bougoure advised that John Cuskelly of DAFF had verbally requested permission to use of the Wild Dog Advisory Committee Terms of Reference as a basis for use by DAFF.  The group agreed that a formal letter of request be submitted for further consideration.


Item 5                     Baiting Program, Changes & Future Program

Kym Lee provided a verbal update of the previous baiting campaign undertaken.  A copy of the report will be circulated to members as part of distribution of the Unconfirmed Meeting Minutes.


Members requested that baiting stations be included on the map presented to clearly identify these locations for upcoming baiting campaigns.   Discussed was the importance of identifying areas where limited baiting is currently being undertaken with a view to improve take up.  Also discussed were the opportunities in working with neighbouring local government areas to improve take up in the border areas.

Resolution:           WD/01.2014/03

Moved:                   Dan Sutton

Seconded:             Peter Maunder

The committee recommends Council write to neighbouring local government areas of Murweh, Balonne & Western Downs advising that Maranoa Regional Council would be open to negotiate arrangements and funding for Baiting Program locations close to the border of these governing areas.                                           


















It was suggested that timings of the Surat area baiting locations be amended in preparation for the next campaign.  Members were in agreement with this approach. 


Members discussed the area in the vicinity of Yuleba & Noonga having a lower take up rate for the baiting program.  It was agreed that Peter Maunder contact landholders in that vicinity to encourage take up and report back to the next meeting.  It was suggested that Council Officer’s ringing landholders confirming arrangements for the last baiting campaign was successful in influencing an increased take up of the campaign.  Members also confirmed that current baiting locations were appropriate for the next campaign.


Members discussed the merit in focusing on phone and email contact in notifying future baiting campaigns, as a alternate to initiating a ‘mail out,’  It was also requested that these dates be notified in the monthly Bottle Tree Bulletin publication (BTB), as well as education of the program undertaken on a monthly basis.


It was suggested that the meat order form issued by Council be adjusted to provide clarity around the volume allowance, being 40kg or 48kg for factory baits, with alternate meat supply to be investigated in the next tender process.  The group agreed that tenders/quotes continue to be called for on an annual basis, and that the bait size was adequate. 


Limited feedback was received from the community concerning the results of the previous campaign.  Next campaign  3 – 14 November 2014, with Chair – Cr. Chambers to confirm future aerial baiting dates (South Mungallala).

Resolution:           WD/01.2014/04

Moved:                   Michael Stanford

Seconded:             Peter Maunder

The committee recommends that Council notify the upcoming baiting campaign dates and arrangements via telephone and email, rather than by a mail out to landholders, and that additional communications be placed in the Bottle Tree Bulletin.              

















Item 6                     Dogwatch Committee update

Cr. Chambers advised that at the most recent Dogwatch Committee Meeting, members agreed that Agforce model of accreditation for 10/80 baiting was approved.  Nomination through a Wild Dog Advisory Group was agreed as an appropriate method of recruiting accredited members, as the landholder would need to be covered by a governing body for insurance purposes.  Council currently has 4 accredited staff, with an additional member of staff to be accredited in the near future.  Cr. Chambers also advised that the aerial baiting campaign was still being refined with a view to achieving a coordinated approach for the state.  The group meet on a monthly basis.


Item 8                     Budget for Wild Dog Management

Kay Crosby provided an update on Council’s outlay of funds for this financial year in the purchase of meat, staff wages and Council’s Precept payment.  Due to the increased number of scalps presented this financial year, the proposed budget to be put forward for the 2014/15 financial year will be increased from $75,000 for purchase of scalps to $100,000 for the 2014/15 financial year.  This will be considered and endorsed by Council at the budget meeting scheduled in June 2014.


Item 9                     Bonus payments for presented Scalps

A break down of the 1804 scalps collected to date will be circulated to members as part of the minutes for review below, with presented scalps to date increased on previous year totals at the same point in time.

The Scalp numbers for this financial year to date are as follows;


Ø Males: 795

Ø Females: 573

Ø Pups: 436

Ø Total: 1804








Members discussed the potential increase ‘one off’ payment for individual presenting increments of 50 or more scalps to encourage further culling of wild dog across the region, agreeing the following.

Resolution:           WD/01.2014/05

Moved:                   Ian Tutt

Seconded:             Michael Stanford

The committee recommends that Council offer a ‘one off’ incentive payment of $500 for individuals that present 50, scalps, and  a further payment of $500 for each 50 increment thereafter. (This bonus would be paid in increments of 50 scalps presented – i.e. for 50 scalps presented an incentive payment of $500 would apply, for 100 scalps presented another payment of $500 would apply).


















Item 10                   General Business


Predator Days

Chair, Cr. Chambers advised members that a Predator Day would be held in Mitchell on 20 June 2014, and that members were invited to attend the event to highlight the importance of Wild Dog Control in the Region.  Council has agreed to donate a dog trap as a lucky door prize for the event.  There is also a Predator Day being held at Begonia on 15 May 2014, again members were invited to attend. 


The Predator days previously planned for Noonga, Muckadilla & Mungallala have been on hold.  Members agreed that post the Mitchell Predator Day being held, Council provide locations and comment on potential dates for these locations to John Cuskelly for event organisation.


Baiting Program Updates from representatives

All members advised that baiting programs in each of the locations were well received.  Ian Tutt agreed to obtain additional email contacts in his locality to encourage participation.

Cr. Chambers advised that she was in the process of seeking funds for the Mungallala Creek Catchment Group to install cluster fencing in the Mungallala locality.


Wild Dog Barrier Fence Maintenance

In order to better monitor the integrity and maintenance requirements of the Wild Dog Barrier Fence, it was agreed that Damien Bougoure would discuss with Dan Sutton the obtaining of photographic evidence for further reporting to the Wild Dog Barrier Fence.


2015 Program Dates

All present agreed that the campaigns for 2015 be 14 – 28 April and 5 – 19 November.


Acceptable Scalps

Kay Crosby provided an update on the signatories currently authorised in the Maranoa Regional Council Area for accepting scalps.

It was agreed that the Depot Store Person in each locality be an authorised officer, in addition to current persons, and the addition of Wild Dog Advisory Committee Member - John Hartley.  A refresher of the collection guidelines will be issued to all authorised parties.


The group agreed that an acceptable scalp presented must be dried and include behind the ears, backbone and complete tail.  This is to be issued as part of the education forums in the BTB, with a diagrammatic image to be provided.


Item 11                   Next Meeting Date & Close

The Committee scheduled the next meeting for Monday18 August 2014 commencing 10am, with location to be confirmed.

The meeting was closed at 12:54pm.     




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