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General Meeting


Wednesday 25 June 2014


Roma Administration Centre




Date: 20 June 2014


Mayor:                                                   Councillor R S Loughnan


Deputy Mayor:                                        Councillor W S Wason

Councillors:                                            Councillor J L Chambers

                                                              Councillor R J Denton

                                                              Councillor P J Flynn

                                                              Councillor W M Newman

                                                              Councillor C J O’Neil

                                                              Councillor M L Price

                                                              Councillor D J Schefe


Chief Executive Officer:                          Ms Julie Reitano


Senior Management:                               Mr Cameron Castles (Director - Infrastructure Services)

                                                              Mr Rob Hayward (Director - Development, Facilities & Environmental Services)

                                                              Ms Sharon Frank (Director - Corporate, Community & Commercial Services)


Officers:                                                 Ms Jane Frith (Coordinator - Corporate Communications)


Please find attached agenda for the General Meeting to be held at the Roma Administration Centre on June 25, 2014 at 9.00am.

Julie Reitano

Chief Executive Officer


Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  25 June 2014


Item       Subject





11.1       Council Initiated Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

              Attachment 1:        Confirmed Minutes - Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee - 01/05/14.............................................................................................................. 2

              Attachment 2:        Confirmed Minutes - Airport Advisory Committee - 07/05/14..... 7

              Attachment 3:        Confirmed Minutes - Bassett Park Advisory Committee - 15/04/14     12


11.3       Department of Education, Training and Care Service Agreement  Maranoa Regional Council Deed of Variation

              Attachment :           Implications for limited hours funding if service does not continue    18 


13.1       Application for Permit to Occupy 0/221573

              Attachment 1:        Maps - 7EG124................................................................................ 20

              Attachment 2:        7EG124............................................................................................. 21


13.3       Festival of Small Halls

              Attachment :           Festival of Small Halls Overview.................................................. 22


13.4       QADA Request for Information Stand

              Attachment :           QADA Community Session - Information Stand - Surat Library 38


Councillor Business


22.1       Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee Recommendation

              Attachment :           Adopting a Standard for Stocking Densities in Selling Pens.. 42


22.2       Hard Stand Parking Area - Roma Saleyards

              Attachment :           Map of suggested parking area..................................................... 49



Attachment 1

Confirmed Minutes - Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee - 01/05/14


Attachment 2

Confirmed Minutes - Airport Advisory Committee - 07/05/14



Meeting:                                 Airports Advisory Committee Meeting

Date:                                       Wednesday 7th May, 2014

Chair:                                     Cr. Joy Denton                       

Attendees:                             Cr. Joy Denton, Ben Jones MRC – Manager Airports (Roma, Injune & Surat), Barry McCabe – Roma Aero Club, Meryl Brumpton – Flying Surgical and Flying Obstetric Service,  Roma, Lyn Kajewski – Roma Tourism Association Inc, Peter Flynn – Maranoa Travel Centre,  Vicki Beitz.  Adrian Harding - Europcar


Apologies:                             Mr Rob Lethbridge, Mr Ian Rollinson,   Cr Cameron O’Neil, Richard Benham  – Commerce Roma, Christopher Kerr – Care Flight Group QLD,  Shane Brumby – MI Helicopters, Keith Chandler, Anthony Partridge – TransLink, Anthony McDonald – Hertz Roma, Scott Rodgers – Air BP, Jon Hamer - Qantas


Minutes:                                 Julie Latcham


Meeting Opened:                                                                                                                       6.01pm

Meeting Closed:                   6.45pm


Next Meeting Details

Date:       4th June                                 

Time:      6.00pm   

Location: Council Retreat                  

Meeting Actions




Action by



Terms of Reference

Update the adopted Terms of Reference on record

Kelly Rogers



WiFi Capability

The communities’ recommendation in this regard be put forward to Council for formal consideration.

Kelly Rogers/Cr Denton



Discussion Notes:



Cr. Denton welcomed all present and declared the meeting open at 6pm.


Item 1                     Apologies

Refer to apologies listing.


Item 2                     Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising


Moved:                   Barry McCabe

Seconded:             Lyn Kajewski

That the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting minutes 2 April 2014 be confirmed as presented.















Item 3                     Update of VASI lights installation at Roma Airport


Ben Jones gave an insight into the installation – costs are to be confirmed – it is estimated that installation will be completed over the next month.


Item 4                     Update on Drink Vending Machine


Ben Jones confirmed that the Aero Club has put in an offer to Council, Cameron Castle – Director of Infrastructure,  has approved of the proposal, however,  it is subject to the CEO signing off on the recommendation.


Item 5                     Updated Terms of Reference for review


The committee discussed the Quorum size specified within the current Terms of Reference, with Cr. Denton requesting attendees give consideration to adjusting the current Quorum minimum of 10 members.  This in turn was discussed and amended as follows:



Moved:   Barry McCabe

Seconded: Vicki Beitz

That the Committee endorse the revised ‘Terms of Reference’, subject to the Quorum being adjusted to a minimum of six (6) members.




















Item 6                     Conference update – 2014 Regional Airport Conference


Chair, Cr. Joy Denton provided members an update of her attendance at the 2014 Regional Airport Conference as follows:


Roma Airport

-       Roma Airport has been identified as the s the busiest Regional Airport for Qantas in Australia.


Mackay Airport

-       Mackay Airport is opening their own motel on sight - details of the Mackay Airport were discussed in relation to length of runways, costings of restructure and their revenue.

-       Also noted was that self funded (contractors booking their own ticket) are walking 5-7km from the Airport to avoid parking fees.

-       The dearest parking charges were $11/day.

-       They are also installing “pokie” machines into the airport.


Avalon Airport

-       Avalon is the fastest growing airport in Australia and doesn’t charge passenger tax.


-       Cr Denton advised that presenters at the conference discussed the importance of Airport Operators and Airlines developing a closer relationship to ensure good communication outcomes for all parties and passengers.

-       Airlines requested further communication during the year not just when there are changes in fees etc.

-       Many  passengers/airlines want free WiFi access in Airports

-       A report has been issued by KPMG which includes analysis of long distance commuter workforce – allows stakeholders  to check flight usage trends


A general discussion took place with committee members on the challenges Emerald Airport has been facing in relation to their car park.



Item 7                     Tourism Billboard & Tourism Promotion


Lyn Kajewski reported that the Billboards will be completed and installed by the end of June. The billboards will be placed  at the following locations:- Arthur St, Car park, Info Centre &  Airport ( Baggage collection area) however,  once the extension is done it will be above the baggage carousel.


Item 8                     Car Park Expansion & appointment of project manager


Ben Jones reported that Council has appointed a Project Manager – Bianca Kocsis.  Her responsibilities include the Airport Expansion.

-       Baker Rossow are making a few minor refinements to the initial expansion plan supporting efficiency in carrying out the works and meeting budget requirements.

-       The initial plan would have meant that existing infrastructure would have needed to be destroyed, such as the ring road, lighting and footpath, the updated plan will work with existing infrastructure remaining in place.


-       At an upcoming  workshop Council will discuss detailed design estimates, as estimates to date have been based on the over arching higher level master plan.


Item 9                     Flight Information Display System update


Ben Jones advised that the internet connection had now been reinstated at the Roma Airport; so that ‘real time’ information is displayed on the screens for flight details at check in, this will eliminate the timing delays for updates.  The time setting will also now be accurate.


An upgrade of the current laptops will be considered as part of the airport redevelopment program.


-       IT staff have implemented a system with Team Viewer so that the provider can log in remotely to resolve any issues and the system can automatically download updates.


A discussion over whether charter operators can be added into this system was held.  Currently there is restricted access to the website, however, once the domain name is registered all info can be displayed to the public - eg  live info


Item 10                   General Business


Signage Audit

Ben Jones advised that an audit had been undertaken on the signage at the Roma Airport.  A number of recommendations have been put forward and these will be implemented, including –


-       The relocation of 20km/h sign located just on the airport side of the grid to a location closer to the airport, (this will ensure drivers can gradually reduce speed when entering from the highway, rather than hard braking).


-       The 20 km/h sign has been left closer to the car park to allow the ring road and internal car park to stay at 20/km/h – the shared zone at the front of the terminal is 10km/h.


-       Line marking on the ground will be added to clearly direct traffic (this will alleviate confusion for parking customers)


RFDS Land Fees

Lyn Kajewski asked if the RFDS & landing charges had been refunded – Ben Jones confirmed that this had been done.


Check-In TV screens

Peter Flynn enquired about the 2 televisions at ‘Check- In’, these are not activated at present, he suggested that they should be activated with one dedicated to tourism information and the other with general TV channels.


Terminal Expansion

Ben Jones advised that the expansion would be approached in stages, facilitated by the recently appointed project manager.  Work Packages will be issued for each component of the project. 

ie: - Extension of Baggage area, Goods Sheds & associated works (moving of fencing, dropping of walls etc), proposal for a bus shelter and a coach exchange – Main roads are investigating potential funding of this aspect.


Start Date of the Terminal Expansion has not yet been confirmed, and will be better understood once the tender process commences.

The project will commence with the car park redevelopment (detailed designs and budget estimates are currently in progress)


 Airport Figures


-       Estimated figures – 30000 passengers in April which was a good figure as this is the  second biggest month (other than October last year)

-       39% up on the 4 months from Jan – April compared to last year

-       265 000 passengers for the financial year so far.

-       The airport will break 300 000 for this year.


WiFi Capability

Peter Flynn discussed the concern over the internet access in general – due to high peak usage periods a good connection is difficult to gain at the airport.  Discussion was held over the possibility of installing WiFi  - eg giving passengers for example 30min free WiFi – and then charge over that.


It was discussed that this may be a potential income for council.


Moved:   Lyn Kajewski

Seconded: Peter Flynn

 That Council consider installing WiFi capability at the Roma Airport, and further investigate the cost to implement this capability.
















Item 11                   Next Meeting Date & Close


The Committee scheduled the next meeting for 4th June, 2014 commencing 6pm, to be held at the Council Chambers. The meeting was closed at 6:45pm.               



...............................................                                                                                         .............................................

Chair                                                                                                                                               Date

Attachment 3

Confirmed Minutes - Bassett Park Advisory Committee - 15/04/14



Meeting:                     Bassett Park Master Planning Advisory Committee Meeting

Date:                           15 April 2014

Chair:                         Cr. Cameron O’Neil   

Attendees:                 Cr. Cameron O’Neil, Cr. Peter Flynn, Fiona Vincent, Lloyd Waldron, Nick Myers, Jackie Erikson, David Jensen, Ranald Ferrier, Kevin Pope, Carla Cosgrove, John Mulcahy        


Apologies                  Robert Hayward, Yolande Thomas, Loretta Thomas, Emily Rogers, Bill and Kellie McLean, Amy McNamara, James McAuley, Lorinda Otto.


Minutes:                     Fiona Vincent


Meeting Opened:      6:15 pm

Meeting Closed:        7:00 pm


Next Meeting Details


Date:                           24 June 2014

Time:                          6.00pm           

Location:                    Bassett Park Members Bar







Outstanding Meeting Actions






Action by







Prioritisation of Bassett Park Master Plan Implementation

That: The existing building/structure housing the Bar be retained;

Each of the clubs to provide feedback on potential the following items for return to Council Officer’s by Friday 14 March 2014:


Proposed main bar upgrade – consideration to be given to ergonomics for workers and workable flow for patrons

Staging of Equestrian Complex – what comes first (if applicable to your group)

Items for consideration in a User Agreement between your group and Council

Fiona Vincent/Emily Rogers/All


Facility lighting upgrade and upgrade of the P.A. system (including portability) be escalated to a “high” priority project.

Rob Hayward/Fiona Vincent



General Business (18/02/14)

Attending Camp draft members requested a weather proof cover be installed around the bar area.

Fiona Vincent


It was requested that access during events be considered through the distribution of a calendar of events & that this be issued 1 month in advance to trainers.  It was suggested that track work be completed by 7.00am on event days.

Fiona Vincent


It was requested that top dressing be supplied in the Rodeo Arena and that the replacement of blown bulbs be completed to restore lighting capability.

Rob Hayward


Cr. Flynn recommended that the male toilets next to the viewing area be upgraded/painted.

Rob Hayward


Cr. O’Neil requested the northern end of the Wool Pavilion be painted and a check done with respect to the presence of any asbestos sheeting that is damaged and requires removal.    

Cr. O’Neil requested the signage on the sheep yard be restored/painted.

Rob Hayward




Updated Terms of Reference (15/04/14)

Terms of Reference are updated as presented and endorsed.

Kelly Rogers



Use of Existing Children’s Playground

Turf Club to confirm interest in using Children’s Playground for events at Bassett Park.

Jackie Erikson



Communication between Horse Trainers & Council

All trainers to be notified on the 20th of each month of scheduled events inside the track.

Fiona Vincent






Action by




Feasibility Study – Equestrian Complex

Project brief to be emailed to members with meeting minutes

Fiona Vincent/Kelly Rogers



Member Groups to provide a response the Scott Alston’s email for information outlined under Item 6

All Groups



Tie Up Stalls

Kevin to determine whether Roma Show Society could afford to contribute the stalls, following discussion at the next Show meeting and confirmation of profit drawn from the Roma Show.


Kevin Pope


PA Systsm

John Mulcahy advised the Roma Campdraft Association are willing to contribute as it is costing the group $3000/year to hire a system. Fiona to look at funding opportunities. All groups are to get their PA requirements to Fiona with areas of Bassett Park that they require a system to be heard in, and then a quote to be obtained from a commercial PA provider.

Fiona Vincent/All


PIC Number

Lloyd to provide Kevin Pope with Bassett Park’s PIC number – QERM0021 for health declaration.


Fiona Vincent


RADF Application

All groups’ to consider nomination for involvement in the RADF Application Process in seeking funds to place art work on the besser block wall located on Northern Road.



Painting of Toilet

Lloyd to discuss repairs and painting of the toilets on the deck near the members bar with John and Damien on their return to work at Bassett Park.

Lloyd Waldron







Discussion Notes:


Item 2               Confirmation of Minutes


Resolution Number BP.05.14


Moved                          Ranald Ferrier                                                                Seconded  Kevin Pope


That the minutes of the Bassett Park Advisory Committee Meeting held on 18 February 2014 be confirmed as presented.




Item 3               Updated Terms of Reference



Resolution Number BP.06.14

Moved                          Jackie Erikson                                                              Seconded  Kevin Pope


That the updated Terms of Reference be adopted as presented.





Item 4               Use of Existing children’s playground

Fiona led discussion on whether any the groups would like to see the playground used for their events after fielding enquiries from the public about use of the playground during Bassett Park events. Discussion from Show that it is blocked off with the marquee and Turf Club hesitant due to having to pay damages to equipment when once used. Turf Club having a Committee meeting tomorrow evening and will ask all members and give final response at next meeting. Picnics Committee not interested as very few children at their event and also concerned about having to pay for damages.



Item 5               Communication between Council & Horse Trainers on-site


All trainers to be sent an email on the 20th of the month with events occurring inside the track for the following month as shared communication that the trainers must be finished training on the mornings with events inside the track by 7 a.m.




Resolution Number BP.07.14

Moved                          Ranald Ferrier                                                                Seconded  Nick Myers


That resident trainers be emailed a schedule of events for inside the track on the 20th of each month, confirming the following month of planned activities.





Horse Trainers


Craig Smith         Roma Horse Trainer                        0428773750


Ben Waldron      Roma Horse Trainer                         0427462263


Scott Rodgers    Roma Horse Trainer                         0432310770


Wayne Baker     Roma Horse Trainer                          0450488611


Item 6               Feasibility Study – Equestrian Complex


Fiona advised that two proposals had been received for the Feasibility Study and the project awarded to Scott Alston, MAK Planning and Design.

Jackie Erikson enquired on the estimated cost of the study, with Fiona Vincent confirming under the Chair’s direction in providing this cost, being $49,750.


Fiona confirmed that Scott Alston had emailed the applicable groups, requesting the following information be considered and provided (extract from email 14/04/14):


1.   Consider what are absolute facility needs versus nice-to-have (seeking to determine a base level in the event funding becomes available in smaller volume than a requested large grant, or to implement in a staged approach);


2.   Provide specific information about timing and frequency of an event, likely participant numbers, nights staying at the venue, real estimates of spectators, perhaps based on past events or events held elsewhere;


3.   Provide an estimate of what the group thinks is a reasonable hire fee.



Fiona Vincent to provide the Project Brief in the email sent with the Minutes so the groups could see what Council is requesting from the consultant, with the groups’ to respond by 23 May 2014.



Item 7               Update – New Shower Block


Fiona advised that Tanya Mansfield has placed the order for the showers to be placed inside the track, comprising 5 showers in individual cubicles, and 1 disabled shower and toilet in cubicle. Facility to be placed near present toilet block, due to positioning of the current water, power and sewerage lines.


Item 8               Update – Main Bar Upgrade


Fiona briefed attendees on progress of developing an estimate for the 2014/15 budget with respect to the proposed Bar Upgrade.  A quote for draft design and associated costs will be obtained from Bill Robertson Drafting services.  Once to hand this quotation will be presented to Council for consideration and approval, the group confirmed they were happy with this approach.


Once final costs are known, each of the groups has been asked to consider what funds they can commit.


Item 9               General Business



1.   Tie Up Stalls

Ranald led discussion on a need for additional stalls for the 2014 Roma Cup and that Racing Qld are requesting they install 40 stalls. 40 stalls would allow another 20 stalls to be used for the Show. Ranald advised that Racing Qld were to commit to the Equine Pool, total cost of $80 000, but now will not be assisting the Turf Club. Roma Turf Club will ask Racing Queensland if they will assist with funding towards the Tie Up Stalls. Discussion followed on whether Roma Show Society could afford to contribute the stalls. Kevin is to discuss at Show meeting tomorrow night and then await the figures from profit from the Show.


2.   PA System

John Mulcahy asked about the PA system and advised the Roma Campdraft Association are willing to contribute as it is costing the group $3000/year to hire a system. Fiona to look at funding opportunities. All groups are to get their PA requirements to Fiona with areas of Bassett Park that they require a system to be heard in, and then a quote to be obtained from a commercial PA provider.


3.   PIC Number

Kevin Pope advised Ranald Ferrier that all trainers on site would need to sign a health declaration for all horses on Bassett Park as part of their procedures to deal with a disease outbreak. This is a requirement from DAFF. Lloyd to provide Kevin Pope with Bassett Park’s PIC number – QERM0021.


4.   Art Work on Northern Road Wall

 Fiona raised the idea of Cr O’Neil’s for art work to be included on the blank besser brick wall on Northern Road to show the sports associated with Bassett Park. Fiona advised that the next round of RADF funding will open mid May and close at the end of June. Fiona to ask each group to nominate an interested member of their group to be involved in the application process.


5.   Cr Flynn gave an update on the Easter Rodeo and the position between Easter in the Country Committee and Roma Rodeo Association.


6.   Toilet Painting

Cr Flynn asked Lloyd if the Council carpenter was still on site. Lloyd advised he is currently working away and is returning soon. Lloyd to discuss repairs and painting of the toilets on the deck near the members bar with John and Damien on their return to work at Bassett Park.








Chair:  ..........................................................                                                                            Date:            ..........................................

Attachment 2

Implications for limited hours funding if service does not continue



Attachment 1

Maps - 7EG124


Attachment 2



Attachment 1

Festival of Small Halls Overview


Attachment 1

QADA Community Session - Information Stand - Surat Library



Attachment 1

Adopting a Standard for Stocking Densities in Selling Pens


Attachment 1

Map of suggested parking area