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General Meeting


Wednesday 23 July 2014


Roma Administration Centre




Date: 18 July 2014


Mayor:                                                   Councillor R S Loughnan


Deputy Mayor:                                        Councillor W S Wason

Councillors:                                            Councillor J L Chambers

                                                              Councillor R J Denton

                                                              Councillor P J Flynn

                                                              Councillor W M Newman

                                                              Councillor C J O’Neil

                                                              Councillor M L Price

                                                              Councillor D J Schefe


Chief Executive Officer:                          Ms Julie Reitano


Senior Management:                               Mr Cameron Castles (Director Infrastructure Services)

                                                              Mr Rob Hayward (Director Development, Facilities & Environmental Services)

                                                              Ms Sharon Frank (Director Corporate, Community & Commercial Services)


Officers:                                                 Ms Jane Frith (Coordinator Corporate Communications)


Please find attached agenda for the General Meeting to be held at the Roma Administration Centre on July 23, 2014 at 10.00am.

Julie Reitano

Chief Executive Officer


Maranoa Regional Council


General Meeting -  23 July 2014




11.1       Council Initiated Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

              Attachment 1:        Confirmed Minutes - Airport Advisory Committee - 04.06.14..... 2

              Attachment 2:        Confirmed Minutes - Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee - 29/05/14.............................................................................................................. 7


11.2       Proposed UQ School of Architecture Exhibition & Workshop

              Attachment :           Draft UQ Proposal........................................................................... 11 


13.2       Membership Renewal 2014-15 - Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise

              Attachment :           Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise - Membership Renewal      15


Attachment 1

Confirmed Minutes - Airport Advisory Committee - 04.06.14



Meeting:                                   Airports Advisory Committee Meeting


Date:                            Wednesday 4th June, 2014

Chair:                           Cr. Joy Denton             

Attendees:                    Cr. Joy Denton, Ben Jones MRC – Manager Airports (Roma, Injune & Surat), Barry McCabe – Roma Aero Club, Meryl Brumpton – Flying Surgical and Flying Obstetric Service, Lyn Kajewski – Roma Tourism Association Inc, Greg Shaw, Cr. Cameron O’Neil,  Bryce Duke – Care Flight Group QLD


Apologies:                   Mr Tony Partridge


Minutes:                       Julie Latcham


Meeting Opened:          6pm                                                                         

Meeting Closed:           6.35pm


Next Meeting Details


Date:    2 July 2014                              

Time:   6pm   

Location:  Council Retreat                       

Discussion Notes:



Cr. Denton welcomed all present and declared the meeting open at 6pm.


Item 1               Apologies

The following apologies were noted at the commencement of the meeting;

Mr Tony Partridge


Item 2               Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising

Resolution:      That the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting minutes of 7th May, 2014 be confirmed

Moved:             Mr Barry McCabe         

Seconded:        Ms Meryl Brumpton                                                  

CARRIED                                                                                                                                                                8/0                                                                                                                                                                                          












Action Items from Previous Meetings





Action by



Item 2

Confirmation of Minutes and Business Arising

Installation of VASI lights at Roma Airport

Ben Jones


Provide an update on the sale of the council drink vending machine to the Roma Aero Club.

Ben Jones



Item 5

Terms Of Reference

Terms of Reference be amended to update the Quorum being a minimum of 6 members.

Kelly Rogers



Item 10

WiFi Capability

Report to Council putting forward Committee recommendation to investigate the cost of installing WiFi Capability at the Roma Airport. Report to General Meeting 14 May 2014.

Cr. Denton/Kelly Rogers



Item 4

Airport Redevelopment

Written update on redevelopment provided to Committee

Ms Bianca Kocsis

By next meeting

Item 5

FIDS Screens

Update to be sent to Cr Denton upon completion

Mr Ben Jones

By next meeting

Item 5

Tourism Information

IT Dept to be contacted to  ascertain what format is required for streaming of tourism info

Mr Ben Jones

By next meeting


VASI Lighting

Mr Ben Jones reported on the progress of the installation of the VASI lights at Roma Airport.


-     Contractors are to be on site within the next week with the construction phase beginning

-     Delivery of lighting is expected within the next 3-4 weeks

General discussion took place over the necessity of VASI lighting and with CASA altering current regulations to have VASI lighting as a requirement for large aircraft.

Ben Jones advised it was expected that work on the VASI lighting would be completed by August 2014, as there is considerable construction involved in the process.

Vending Machine

Mr Ben Jones reported that the invoice is on the way to the Roma Aero Club – once paid, Aero Club members will be trained in the operation of the machine.

Terms of Reference

General discussion on the change of Quorum numbers with a positive response from all in attendance.


WiFi Capability

Mr Ben Jones reported that he had spoken to MRC’s IT department and they are investigating what we are able to provide and then relative costings will be ascertained.

Item 3 - Update Car Park & Terminal Expansion

Project Manager – Ms Bianca Kocsis was unable to attend the meeting, however, Mr Ben Jones reported on the progress of the expansion in the absence of Ms Kocsis behalf.


It was requested that project update from Bianca Kocsis be provided to members prior to the next meeting.

Car Park Overview

The design for the car park is near completion; and is currently being reviewed by  the design team

It is estimated that the design for construction would be completed by the end of this week, the new and short and long term car park is to be constructed to the south of the sealed car park and will provide greater parking options.  This is the first part of the upgrade.


The terminal expansion includes:

·      Improvements to the terminal (enlarging the departure lounge, additional toilet facilities, larger check-in facilities, improved baggage claim carousel area and movement of the car-rental area)

·      Bus interchange


Detailed design is now well progressed and will facilitate the production of detailed costing’s, and inform project time frames.

The committee discussed construction commencement and the next steps required.

General discussion took place over the subject of Airports in general being topical in the media. 

Discussion over the Miles airport took place in relation to Qantas stopping RPT services. Qantas were to begin at Miles on the 16th June however have cancelled the service completely.

There is however FIFO flights occurring into Miles.

5.0  General Business            

Greg Shaw discussed larger aircraft parking at Roma Airport and his concern that the Apron is not large enough to handle such requests. He believed that extending the Apron should be considered to allow more parking of larger aircraft to take place.

General discussion took place between attendees outlining that this could perhaps put further strain on terminal facilities as then more planes would be arriving at once; in this particular instance no aircraft had to be turned away and there was no disruption caused to normal Airport procedure.

Discussion took place over the current number of flights in to Roma Airport and potential increase/decrease.

It was discussed that any extension to the Apron is something to consider in the future direction of the Airport. 

Greg Shaw enquired on the regulations on light aircraft refuelling in the presence of the Careflight Helicopter and general discussion took place with respect to emergency priority.

Post Meeting – Greg Shaw suggested that an ERSA entry be added in relation to refuelling during helicopter operation periods. This topic will be included in the next meeting for discussion with the Advisory Committee.

Mr Ben Jones gave attendees an update on the FIDS screens located at the airport

-     2 new computers have been installed however the system is down at the moment with work currently being undertaken to fix this.

-     Telstra attended the airport on 3.6.14 to progress this process by installing and ADSL line as the 3G was unstable and not fast enough

-     As of 4.6.14 the ADSL connection is now complete however there are some IT issues and Council’s IT department are working with TELSTRA to complete the set up/installation which will enable them  full access

-     This should take approximate 1-2 days

Mr Ben Jones to send a confirmation email in relation to the IT issues to Cr. Denton once completed


Mr Ben Jones to send a confirmation email to Cr. Denton once completed.


Bryce Duke introduced himself as Manager Careflight –  and spoke on the general nature of Careflight

-     There are currently 4 in a rotating crew,

-     1 engineer and Bryce

-     Averaging 2.5 call outs per day


Consortium have donated double the hours for community use

Lyn Kajewski reported that the tourism information is ready for presentation on the screens at Roma Airport.  It was requested that Mr Ben Jones advise of the required format for screening of the information.


Mr Ben Jones to confirm required format.



Item 6               Next Meeting Date & Close

The Committee scheduled the next meeting for 2nd July, 2014 commencing 6pm, to be held at the Council Chambers. The meeting was closed at 6:35pm. 




...............................................                                                                                         .............................................

Chair                                                                                                                                               Date

Attachment 2

Confirmed Minutes - Roma Saleyards Advisory Committee - 29/05/14


Attachment 1

Draft UQ Proposal



Attachment 1

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise - Membership Renewal